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What is “The One-Page
Content Marketing BluePrint”

Have you been having a hard time coming up with a content marketing strategy that works, this book could be your first step to reaping the potential benefits content marketing can have on your business.

So, what’s in it for you?

The Fastest Path
to Content Marketing Success

When I say this, keep in mind that I am not claiming that you’re going to get a tsunami of traffic, leads, and sales overnight. This is not one of those dishonest, overnight success ploys.

Here’s the reality: content marketing is a marathon. It takes time and perseverance to get where the successful content marketers are. However, this book will show you the fastest way and the shortest route to run this marathon.

It’s not a giant read, although it’s not a super quick one either. In the book, you will be guided through different content marketing principles that form the core and pillars of every effective content marketing campaign that you see today.

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

1. The One Page Content Marketing Blueprint

Learn the exact process to move 95% of online shoppers from “not ready to buy” to a “paying customer”.

2. The Buyer’s Journey Framework To Find Content Ideas That Works

Keyword research framework (only a few are using) to find search terms that attract your ideal customers and prospects.

3. The R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Framework

The #1 strategy that you need to produce high converting blog posts that generate results…

4. 4 Types Of Lead Magnets & Which Type Is Right For You

Lead magnets that grab more eyeballs than all the market research-driven fancy content pieces combined.

5. How To Create Authority Content That Brings Sales

The "secret ingredients" you can use right away to make your BOFU content 10x more effective.

6. 5 Part Evergreen Email Nurture Sequence.

The battle-tested formula that works best to drum up interest for your offer and convert leads into opportunities.

7. 10-Step Guest Posting Success Strategy

How to catapult yourself or your business to celebrity status with a proven 10 step repeatable formula.

8. The 5 Point Forum Formula

A simple framework that you can implement to generate more traffic, leads, and sales FAST.

9. The Content Marketing Success Roadmap

Learn the 4 stages of launching and scaling a successful content marketing program.

10. 3 Steps To 2X Your Results

A simplified look at your entire content marketing strategy in one simple and proven path!

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About The Author

Prafull Sharma is an entrepreneur, marketer and technology expert. He has successfully launched and grown businesses in marketing and technology domains. His work has appeared in TechCrunch, Social Media Examiner, Business Insider and Economic Times. Over the past 7 years, he has helped hundreds of business of many sizes: from well-funded startups to large enterprises, 2X their content marketing results.