LeadsPanda 2X Content Marketing Results Method

Between managing your sales, balancing your books, and other crucial business functions, where do you fit in content marketing?

Consider the following:

  • It takes more than 10,000 hours to learn the ins and outs of content marketing and become an expert
  • It takes at least 10 hours to put together one high-converting blog post
  • Trial and error content marketing can burn thousands of dollars before you figure out something that works
  • The hiring process for in-house or freelance writers can take up to 40 hours per hire and 10 hours per week managing them

It comes as no surprise that lack of time is the major obstacle hindering marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners from achieving content marketing success. In fact, according to a HubSpot report: “Creating genuinely thought-provoking content is not easy. It’s difficult to make and takes more time from concept to completion than many can permit – reducing the competition. Those that put in the extra time and resources will reap the rewards, e.g. coverage on the biggest sites of the highest authority.”

Admitting that you don’t have the internal capabilities to perform the many tasks and requirements that are crucial to successful content marketing is 100% okay. The more you deny this reality, the farther you will be from achieving the results that you desire.

Partnering with an agency for your content marketing requirements is a good business decision and a worthwhile investment that you can make. If you choose to partner with LeadsPanda, you will benefit from a unique solution called the 2X Content Marketing Results Method™ which will give you twice the traffic, twice the leads, and twice the sales you’re currently getting in 12 months or less.

Let’s go through the different elements of this framework one by one.

1. Content Masterplan

Every effective content marketing strategy is built on a solid content masterplan. In order to ensure that you’re getting not just traffic, but the right kind of traffic, this stage will include:

  • Identifying your target audience/customers (content avatars)
  • A survey of your competitors and what they’re doing in terms of content marketing
  • A comprehensive keyword research to make sure every content you get is optimized for both readers and search engines

The next step involves putting together a list of topics that will be relevant and useful to your customers. The final output is a content calendar that is ready to be implemented in order to help you become a…

2. Publishing Powerhouse

With a solid foundation and a carefully thought out content masterplan, it’s the end goal of the Attract Stage to transform you into a publishing powerhouse through the consistent publishing of high-quality content on your own blog.

3. Social Media Postings

Social media marketing is a crucial part of all successful content marketing strategy. If you’re not on social media, you are practically invisible. We will create a social media posting calendar for you and craft engaging social media content to drive traffic to your blog and website.


4. Ultimate Lead Magnet/s

Results in advance — this is why using lead magnets is a time-tested way to grow an email list. We will come up with lead magnet ideas that will get you the highest possible opt-in rate from the traffic you’re getting.

Of course, a great lead magnet is useless if you’re unable to “sell” it to your audience. For that, you need a high converting landing page that features compelling copy and design elements. As content and conversion experts, we can help you not only put together an irresistible content magnet offer, but also a landing page that will make it a no-brainer for your audience to give you their emails and download your content.

5. Ninja Nurture Emails

The first few weeks of your new leads in your email list are important. You need to send them strategic content, meaningful, and useful content that would allow you to eventually convert leads into paying customers. The 2X Content Marketing Results Method™ involves us providing you with a well thought out email nurture sequence so you can engage your new leads effectively.

6. Guest Posting & Forum Marketing

To get more leads, you need to tap previously unexplored sources. We do this by creating a guest posting and forum marketing strategy for your business. Significant research goes into compiling a list of publications and sites that we can pitch for guest blogging. We will do all the heavy lifting — from researching topics, pitching the ideas, to the actual writing of the posts.

Regarding forum marketing, we will create a list of relevant questions related to your brand and business. We will search these forums for relevant questions and craft answers on your behalf.


7. Branded Authority Content

At this point, you need to shift your relationship with your leads from an information provider to a solutions provider. At this point, we will be putting together content pieces such as whitepapers and case studies that will establish your credibility and authority, while still providing high-quality, valuable content.

8. Sales Engagement Emails

At this stage, all emails sent to your leads should move them into the next stage of the content marketing funnel which is to close the sale. We will craft a sales oriented autoresponder that will pitch your products and services, without the annoying old-school hard sell tactics.

9. Paid Promotions

While organic content marketing tactics and strategies can bring results to your business, it will take longer to achieve business-changing, high-impact results. Combining organic content strategies with paid promotions can give your content marketing significant momentum and accelerate your success.



Needless to say, planning, executing, and maintaining a successful content marketing strategy is not a walk in the park. It takes time, a lot of brainpower, and a ton of hard work. Small businesses and marketers won’t always have the in-house capabilities to do content marketing. As a result, they feel that they lack the time to do content marketing that produces positive results for their business.

Partnering with an agency would require an investment, but the results should give you positive returns. As an example, the LeadsPanda 2X Content Marketing Results Method™ can help you generate 2X more traffic, 2X more leads, and 2X more sales in 12 months or less.