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What is the role of content marketing tools in business growth?

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of marketers in the B2B field are using content marketing, while 86% of marketers in the B2C field consider content marketing to be a critical strategy. These statistics demonstrate just how competitive the content marketing industry has become. To keep up, I have to rely on content

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What are some things that someone should never post on social media?

This is a great question—and one that I’d love to answer in the context of content marketing. According to statistics, 54% of social browsers use social media to learn more about products they’re interested in. So, as a business, you always want to make sure that you’re relevant to your audience, active and engaging on

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Do you need a social media content calendar?

Yes—definitely. After all, over 40% of the world’s population is on social media. These days, it’s very likely that you’re not only posting on one social media platform. In my case, I have Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It’s not uncommon for other brands and businesses to have these as well as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and

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Which tools do you use to create your content calendar?

For a lot of content marketers, their biggest challenge when it comes to managing their content is keeping track of everything. My go-to solution for this is to create a content calendar. A content calendar can lay out everything and give you a big picture overview of your content strategy. At the same time, it

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What are the benefits and losses of guest blogging?

We all know that blogging is an integral part of content marketing. On the other hand, guest blogging, which has proven to be a very effective content marketing strategy for myself and my company, isn’t often mentioned as a must-have. I think this stems from a lack of understanding of the benefits and potential pitfalls

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What’s the future for White Papers? What vehicles are replacing White Papers for thought leadership content?

A lot of marketers would probably say that white papers are dead. I personally disagree. I think white papers continue to offer value for businesses, especially when executed well. They can help establish your credibility as a brand, help generate new leads, and boost your company’s reputation as a thought leader. So, for naysayers who

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What is the secret behind landing page conversion?

According to one study, companies with 30 plus landing pages acquire 7—SEVEN—times more leads than those with less than 10. Obviously, if you’re not currently using landing pages—or aren’t maximizing them—then you’re missing out on a lot of potential conversions. While it’s important to remember that no two businesses are alike and you need to

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How do I write a good nurture email campaign for my business?

In content marketing, it’s not enough to simply acquire new leads—since statistically, 80% of these leads won’t actually translate into a sale. Why? Because in a lot of cases, customers aren’t ready to make a purchase. Therefore, it’s your job to nurture them through your sales funnel to get them there. Image Source Now, in

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What are the qualities of a good lead magnet?

Who doesn’t love a free offer? This is why lead magnets work so well. By offering something valuable in exchange for your prospect’s contact information, you effectively engage your audience’s interest so you can make your pitch and start off on the right foot with potential customers. HubSpot’s top 10 lead magnets Image Source Of

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What are the importance of keywords in content marketing?

What would the point of writing and creating quality content be if you’re not doing everything you can to make sure your target audience sees it? While quality should always be your number one priority when it comes to developing any kind of material for your content marketing, the internet is just way too noisy

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