How CoreHealth Increased Inbound Leads with a Steady Stream of Content

Executive Summary

In-house content development worked for CoreHealth — until it didn’t. Competing business priorities meant content production was relegated to the back burner with high-quality content pieces being written few and far between. This resulted in a significant drop in inbound leads. CoreHealth solved this content marketing and leads acquisition drought by partnering with LeadsPanda to achieve the following results:

About CoreHealth

CoreHealth offers a flexible, all-in-one, white-labeled platform for corporate wellness providers. With a single-minded focus on technology development, wellness companies trust CoreHealth to inspire people-centered wellness solutions, ignite easy to implement done-for-you programs, and help revolutionize wellness businesses via flexible and customizable executions, from simple to sophisticated.

  • Competing business priorities took away time from content marketing
    As CoreHealth well knows, there are upsides to producing content in-house. They were in full control of the quality, personality, and strategy. However, in-house content production may not be the most sustainable and scalable content production methodology, especially for expanding companies like CoreHealth. Eventually, content creation was pushed aside to make way for other business priorities.
  • Reduction in the number of inbound leads due to sparse content creation
    B2B solutions providers like CoreHealth rely heavily on content marketing for lead generation. A direct impact of inadequate content production is the visible reduction in inbound leads that CoreHealth was generating compared to when they previously published content more consistently and frequently.
  • Hiring per-project freelance writers equated to a lack of topic mastery
    As a band-aid solution to this predicament, CoreHealth turned to freelance writers to create occasional content. Unfortunately, switching from one freelancer to another resulted in a lack of topic mastery, which is extremely important in a niche industry such as corporate wellness technology.

“We were developing content in-house which started to fall to the back burner with growing competing priorities.”

  • Strong and efficient onboarding process
    To minimize friction and eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth, CoreHealth’s key stakeholders were engaged in a comprehensive and efficient onboarding session which allowed their team to relay key content requirements and how these support specific business objectives.
  • Creative content ideas mapped out on a content calendar and delivered through proven channels
    Collaboration and transparency were key to the success of the partnership between LeadsPanda and CoreHealth. CoreHealth’s team always had a clear sightline of the content production pipeline documented comprehensively on a content calendar that was regularly updated. Every content piece is delivered via proven channels for easy collaboration and an accessible feedback loop.
  • Mastery led to minimal revisions
    A team of writers and editors dedicated to fulfilling CoreHealth’s content requirements researched and reviewed relevant industry news, articles, and resources to give LeadsPanda an in-depth understanding, appreciation, and mastery of CoreHealth’s niche. This led to well-written and promptly delivered content requiring minimal to no revisions from CoreHealth.
  • SEO best practices increased inbound traffic
    Lead acquisition was the main business objective for CoreHealth’s content marketing. Through the implementation of SEO best practices, LeadsPanda was able to create search engine visibility for CoreHealth increasing both inbound traffic and inbound leads.
  • Premium content at a competitive price
    While reducing content production costs was not a top priority for CoreHealth, LeadsPanda was able to unfailingly deliver premium and marketing-aligned content at a more competitive rate versus hiring individual freelancers.

“LeadsPanda used the market information we provided to develop a comprehensive content calendar and informative and educational blog content that is relevant to our target audience. I especially appreciate that all the content they develop factors SEO best practices and requires minimal lift on our end.”

As a growing business, CoreHealth’s in-house content production process was disrupted and deprioritized to give way for other business requirements, eventually resulting in a tangible decrease in inbound leads. Partnering with LeadsPanda, CoreHealth realized an increase in new inbound contacts directly resulting from the content LeadsPanda created.

“If you are looking for excellent content for an affordable price, you can count on LeadsPanda. We have seen an increase in new inbound contacts directly as a result of the content they have written.”

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