How LandingI Doubled Their Content Marketing With LeadsPanda

Executive Summary

LandingI’s business was part and parcel of the whole digital marketing process. As such, the company was not a stranger to how content could help drive their objectives and in fact, had an in-house team of marketers. However, they had their eye on scaling their content marketing efforts and use it to fuel their growth—something that their internal team needed help with. With LeadsPanda, they were able to—

About LandingI

LandingI started in 2013 with the objective of providing businesses a time-saving solution for marketers. Their service makes it easy to create landing pages without coding skills. The goal is to empower modern marketers with the tool to effectively convert visitors without having to rely on expensive IT, and help them save time and money.

  • Content development was lacking strategic direction
    A strategy is critical to content development as it will help keep you focused towards achieving your goals. An editorial calendar that isn’t anchored on a clear strategic direction was making it difficult for LandingI to connect with the right audience, at the right time, for reasons that were relevant to their readers. As a result, they were unable to deliver the results they wanted from their content marketing efforts.
  • Inability to scale marketing efforts to expand purpose and reach
    LandingI had the advantage of having an internal team to handle their marketing efforts, but there was a desire to expand their marketing strategy and innovate. To that end, they wanted to reach a bigger audience through reliable channels but needed help moving forward with this goal.
  • Unable to establish expertise through content in a competitive niche
    LandingI offered a very specific service that was targeted to a very specific market. This required a deeper understanding of the subject as previously created content already covered the more basic and general approach.

“We needed a more streamlined, systematic approach for our content marketing that focused on consistency and quality.”

  • Created a winning content strategy based on the most profitable keywords
    Content marketers that don’t leverage on strategic keyword use in content marketing are missing out on a lot of opportunities. LeadsPanda made sure that they identified profitable keywords for LandingI and incorporated this into the content calendar to drive better visibility for the brand’s content.
  • Doubled content posting frequency by supplying weekly content
    Scaling marketing efforts meant content had to be delivered and published regularly. LeadsPanda’s dedicated content team was able to create and craft material for LandingI consistently.
  • Provided a pool of industry writers that followed a proven process of producing high-quality and engaging content
    LandingI needed a voice that communicated authority and expertise about a very niche subject. It wasn’t enough to simply produce content about the subject—they needed writers who could write with confidence. LeadsPanda gave LandingI access to a pool of writers who could ensure content written was insightful to their target audience and relevant to their objectives.

“We used to write content in Polish and then translate into English. Then it went through proofreading. Not bad, but now the process runs the other way, which is quicker and comes with better quality. LeadsPanda was able to give us quality content at a reasonable price.”

With a strong focus on the objectives, LeadsPanda was able to help LandingI scale their content marketing to ensure that the company was able to post consistently. Engaging LeadsPanda also allowed them to increase the volume of content in a very cost-efficient manner. Creating a more targeted and strategic approach to content production helped improve LandingI’s visibility and gave them an authoritative voice in a very niche market.

“After calculating the costs and the value that comes from LeadsPanda, there was no doubt we had to give LeadsPanda a shot.”

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