Executive Summary

Dixa wanted to supplement their in-house marketing with content that was informative, relevant, and educational, specifically tailored to their audience. However, Dixa’s team didn’t have the time to dedicate for content production. With LeadsPanda onboard Dixa was able to—

Provide a full team of experts who can focus on their content marketing.

Ensure there was a steady supply of well-researched, thoughtfully written content

Create a library of educational articles that could engage an existing base of readers.

About Dixa

Dixa is a company that develops software designed to enable personal, insightful conversations to take place between customers and agents. Their product is a customer service platform that embraces phone, email and live chat.
Dubbed the “customer friendship software,” the company believes that the future of customer service is built on the strong bond between companies and their customers.


Lack of manpower and time to produce quality content

Customer service powered by a seamless combination of human and artificial intelligence to deliver efficient and thoughtful customer care is an exciting, albeit niche space in the industry. The subject matter is fascinating and interesting, especially given the evolving expectations of customers driven by technological advancements. However, Dixa, despite being experts and a voice of authority in this matter, couldn’t dedicate the time required to produce quality content for their blog.

Inability to publish content on a consistent basis

Content marketing’s success is anchored on a brand’s ability to create well-written, relevant articles as well as their ability to consistently do so. Given their limitations on resources, it was near impossible for the Dixa team to produce and publish content on a regular basis.

No strategy in place to engage existing paid and organic traffic

Dixa already had a fairly large volume of visitor traffic that goes to their website. However, once on their site, they didn’t have a strategy in place that could leverage and make the most out of this traffic. Quite simply, they didn’t have a library of useful content geared towards their target audience so they can share it with others.

“[We] tried allocating more time to content but never were able to. Being a growing startup, everyone’s plate was pretty full—we attend to a lot of tasks and different jobs; content couldn't be prioritized enough.”

Lauren Blair

Marketing Coordinator

How LeadsPanda Helped

Provided a dedicated team of content developers and editors to focus on Dixa’s content marketing

Dixa’s main challenge was that they didn’t have a team who could dedicate time and effort towards developing their content. The company had a wealth of exciting and interesting story angles that could help engage readers and draw new audience in the pipeline, but nothing was actually getting written. With LeadsPanda’s dedicated team of content developers, these stories were then taken, developed, and promptly published.

Ensured delivery of well-researched and well-written content, weekly.

Dixa’s industry may be interesting and fascinating, but it was still technology-centric and niche. As such, writing and developing their content required a certain level of expertise and understanding to ensure that material developed was relevant and useful. LeadsPanda’s pool of industry writers ensured that pieces were well-researched to provide content that was thoughtfully written and engaging to their target audience.

Built a library of engaging educational articles that could help engage regular visitors

Regular and reliable traffic was consistently being driven to the site—however, without content that can help engage their visitors, Dixa was unable to make the most out of this traffic. By building a library of educational articles, visitors were given a channel to learn more about the product and engage with the brand.

“We got to the point where it was vital to start pushing out content regularly to potential customers as we were already spending on driving traffic to our site. LeadsPanda helped develop our backlog of content and allowed us to push out content regularly.”

Lauren Blair

Marketing Coordinator


Dixa struggled with dedicating time to building content so they could publish material on a regular basis. Onboarding LeadsPanda helped them build enough content to have a library of articles ready to be published when needed. This helped Dia save 90% of the time that would have had to been dedicated to research, content planning, writing, editing, and publishing. The result was a 10-fold return on investment.

“LeadsPanda's content is consistent and always on time. The articles are easy to read and understand, but still adds value to our readers.”

Lauren Blair

Marketing Coordinator

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