How MarinOne Simplified Its Content Marketing With Effective and Efficient Processes

Executive Summary

It’s increasingly important for modern software companies to have a strong online presence. However, content development processes can quickly become overly complex and convoluted. Individual freelancers can be wildly inconsistent, while specialized agencies can sometimes charge exorbitant fees for their services.

MarinOne, an online ad management service provider, was looking for a solution to help it create high quantities of well-researched content at a reasonable price. After working with LeadsPanda, it experienced the following benefits:

About MarinOne

MarinOne is an online ad management service provider. It leverages hundreds of hours of collective digital marketing experience to deliver software that can simplify ad management for agencies and brands all over the world. Acting as a marketing partner, MarinOne delivers a customized ad management experience for each customer.

  • Working With Multiple Freelancers or Agencies Complicated Content Development Processes
    Complicated content development processes can lead to significant delays in publication. The customer realized the importance of a simplified and consistent content creation process and chose to avoid working with multiple freelancers and agencies. It was looking for a reliable vendor able to produce a volume of high-quality content.
  • Freelancers and Agencies Were Sometimes Rigid and Unresponsive to Feedback
    Agencies and freelancers that compete on price alone can be extremely inflexible since their business model depends on them maximizing their output as much as possible. MarinOne found that working with an agency that is open to feedback and can address comments and recommendations quickly was essential for an effective partnership.
  • High Volume of Content Was Required to Rise Above the Noise in a Saturated Market
    Many businesses engage in content marketing and it’s more difficult than ever to stand out above the noise online. MarinOne recognized the importance of utilizing large quantities of high-quality blog and social media posts for effective content marketing. However, meeting this demand could be very expensive and could take resources away from other marketing activities.

“The fact that they can produce high quantities of content for a reasonable price is what brought me to LeadsPanda and has kept me with them.”

  • Efficient and Effective Project Management Simplified Content Development and Delivery
    To simplify content development and delivery, LeadsPanda offers clients monthly check-ins with a dedicated point of contact. These can be used to discuss strategy, share resources, and align goals. This helped MarinOne expand its content strategy while keeping things efficient and manageable.
  • Well-Researched Blog Posts Are Produced for Timely and Industry-Specific Topics
    The online ad space changes constantly. Platforms change their rules and customers change their preferences. LeadsPanda allows customers to develop content quickly in response to these changes and trends while still following a long-term strategy. Each blog post is researched, optimized for search, and includes industry-specific data points and statistics.
  • Content Production Has Increased to Keep Up With the Marketing Needs of the Moment
    MarinOne was empowered to plan its content strategy without concerns about content production ceilings. LeadsPanda can produce high quantities of content without compromising on timelines or quality. In addition, LeadsPanda offers its customers all this at a reasonable price.

“We have a monthly check-in with a shared dashboard that helps both sides keep work moving. I provide topics and content requests, and they provide a timeline and then deliverables. It’s smooth and easy.”

After publishing blog posts from LeadsPanda, MarinOne experienced a significant increase in organic web traffic. Thousands of visitors were ushered into the website through content created by LeadsPanda. Articles written by LeadsPanda consistently rank highly on search engines and have resulted in increased conversions for the customer.

“A display ad article LeadsPanda wrote has been our leading article on our website for several months now. It has brought in thousands of visitors via organic web traffic, resulting in a handful of conversions, which is really great for our business.”

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