How Dell Reduced Support Tickets By 15% with an Improved Knowledge Base

Executive Summary

World-renowned tech company Dell offered a comprehensive website that was commonly used by customers as a reference for information. To that end, they offered a Knowledge Base section for their Printing Solutions division that serves as the main page containing troubleshooting instructions for customers. Given the constantly evolving nature of technology, it was important that the knowledge base for Dell’s printing solutions be updated. With LeadsPanda, they were able to:

About Dell

Dell print solutions offer a full range of award-winning printers with a low total cost of ownership, one of the best warranties in the industry, and efficient print management tools to help streamline print environments and actively control costs.
Dell’s objective is to maximize investment and achieve exceptional long-term value with feature-rich Dell printers, offered at affordable purchase prices and with a low total cost of printing.

  • No access to industry writers
    Dell’s knowledge base section required a certain level of technical expertise for a very specific product. It was important to find a pool of writers that understood the technicalities of the product and the processes. However, Dell was unable to find a pool of reliable writers who could meet their stringent requirements.
  • Inability to keep the support center up-to-date
    Given the ever-changing and evolving nature of technology, knowledge base content would inevitably have to be updated and kept up-to-date regularly. However, Dell was unable to dedicate a team towards this task, which meant up-to-date information couldn’t be guaranteed.
  • Outdated content led to rise of support tickets
    Dell’s knowledge base was intended to be a comprehensive reference for customer support and troubleshooting concerns. Without up-to-date information, however, the page was unable to resolve customer concerns which led to customers filing more support tickets.

“The team at LeadsPanda is committed to the details and delivering quality results.”

  • Provided access to a team of industry writers
    LeadsPanda’s pool of expert content developers provided their editorial expertise and technical know-how to update the knowledge base section of the Dell website.
  • Created concise, simple to understand copy
    Crafting easily consumable, easy to understand copy based on technical references can be challenging. LeadsPanda’s team of editorial experts, however, was able to rehash the existing material to update the website and produce simple how-to, instructional information that customers could easily understand.
  • Reduce support ticket volume significantly
    As a support page, the objective of this particular section was to provide information that would ultimately reduce the need for customers to require additional customer support. With updated, step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow, this helped reduce support ticket volume from customers.

“Their content strategy and enthusiastic team has helped us reduce our ticket volumes.”

Dell’s knowledge base was intended to provide comprehensive support and information so that customers could troubleshoot their printers easily. However, as they were unable to update the section or produce copy that customers could easily follow and understand, it led to more work for their customer support team. With LeadsPanda, they were ultimately able to bring down the support ticket volume by 15%.

“We have specifically been thankful for their care to listen and quick responses- LeadsPanda is a partnership we truly value.”

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