Executive Summary

Vendorful was working with another agency who was able to offer their bundled services at a high price. This was the main reason the company sought out a different content provider who they hoped would be a better fit for their needs. With LeadsPanda onboard, Vendorful was able to—

Receive monthly content with risk-free investment and reasonable cost.

Publish quality, well-researched content created by a team of content marketing experts.

Ensure delivery of content through a proven editorial and research process.

About Vendorful

Vendorful is a tech-based company that intends to simplify processes, data-flow and communication so that procurement teams can focus on strategic sourcing. Vendorful’s proprietary platform allows users to consolidate, integrate, and automate the RFP, RFI, and RFQ process, ultimately allowing businesses to save time and money.


Unable to derive value from existing content partner

Vendorful already had a content agency onboard who provided them bundled services that included content development. However, they were unable to maximize the partnership given the high cost of services.

No time to produce content in-house

After establishing that the previous agency they were working with wasn’t a good fit, Vendorful needed to find a way to produce content consistently. Unfortunately, the internal team didn’t have the time to produce content themselves.

No established processes to facilitate content production

Vendorful understood the need to continuously produce content, however, they didn’t have streamlined processes in place that could ensure consistent production of content.

“There was only one area of frustration/pain as it relates to this [content production] -- it was difficult for us to carve out time to create new blog content.

David Wadler


How LeadsPanda Helped

Offered risk-free, customized monthly plans at reasonable prices

LeadsPanda’s menu of services offered at cost-efficient, scalable rates ensured that Vendorful was able to avail their services and maximize their investment. The low monthly cost didn’t prove to be prohibitive for the company.

Provided access to a dedicated team of content marketing experts

Vendorful’s internal team didn’t have a lot of time that they could dedicate to the development of new content for their blog. LeadsPanda was able to provide them with a team of content marketing experts who could research and develop material on a regular basis.

Offer a proven process of content development tailored to targeted audiences

LeadsPanda’s experience and expertise in content creation and keyword research allowed them to develop niche content that engaged Vendorful’s specific target audience.

“LeadsPanda has been very consistent in terms of delivering on schedule.”

David Wadler



Vendorful struggled with finding a content agency that was the right fit for their needs. They recognized the need for regular, consistent material published on their site to support content marketing, but didn’t have the time and resources to do this themselves. LeadsPanda’s reliability and established processes helped ensure that content was developed consistently to achieve company objectives, thus maximizing Vendorful’s ROI and reducing content marketing cost by 51%.

“LeadsPanda delivers us new content every week, which is extremely helpful for our content marketing.”

David Wadler


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