Keyword Research

Top 10 Keywords


Get the most profitable keywords your targeted audience is searching for.

Content Calendar

24 Ideas


Get a content calendar that targets the right topics with the right keywords to achieve the desired results.


4 Blogs of 750-800 words per month


4 Blogs of 1000-1200 words per month


4 Blogs of 1500-1600 words per month


4 Blogs of 2000-2200 words per month


Get persuasive and entertaining articles written by industry writers, every month.

Interview Based Blogging

For each interview of 1 hr


Create authority content based on the knowledge of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in your business.

Social Media Posting

1 post/day on any 3 platforms of your choice


2 posts/day on any 3 platforms of your choice


3 posts/day on any 3 platforms of your choice


Engage your audience with targeted, fan-friendly posts written and posted daily on platforms of your choice.


1500-1600 words, copy only


2000-2200 words, copy only


Build your authority with a professional ebook copy produced by our expert copywriters.

Web Page/Landing Page Copy

250-300 words


Convert more customers with landing page copy that speaks to their desires.

Email Newsletter

1 Email (300 words), copy only


Boost engagement with an expertly written email newsletter.

Email Autoresponder Sequence

5 Emails (300-400 words), copy only


Educate prospects and build trust with an expertly crafted email nurture sequence.

Guest Posting Program

1 Guest Post (1000 words)


1 Guest Post (1500 words)


Target new audience and increase subscribers with our done-for-you guest posting program.

Quora Marketing Program

2 Answers of 500 words per month


4 Answers of 500 words per month


Build expertise and attract buyers by answering the questions your customers are asking.

White Paper

1500-1600 words, copy only


2000-2200 words, copy only


Increase conversions with well-researched whitepaper for your business or services.

Case Study

700-1000 words (2-3 pages), copy only


Boost your conversion rates with a persuasive case study for your business.

Strategy Session

1 hr


Consult with our strategist to create a winning content strategy.

Influencer Interview Program

1 Interview


Generate high-quality content by interviewing influencers in your industry.

Ad Copy

1 ad + 2 variations


Maximize your campaign ROI with quality ad copy.

Product Description

400-500 words


Distinguish yourself from the competition with a unique product description that sells.

Press Release Writing & Distribution

400 words press release, distribution to 300+ top media outlets


Get featured in major news, media, and publications with a well-crafted press release.

Content Promotion

Research, Ads Development, Targeting, Bidding, Ad Extensions and Ongoing management

15% of ad budget + $395 monthly management fees

Boost your subscribers and sales with paid content promotions.

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