How AirVape Saves 89% Of Time Spent On Content Production While Growing Their Content Marketing

Executive Summary

AirVape was already doing traditional marketing but wanted to partner with someone who could help kickstart their content marketing. AirVape’s industry, however, was very niche. Their product was directed to a very specific group of consumers, which means it’s hard to find writers who could produce informative, relevant and educational content given their limited budget. With LeadsPanda onboard, AirVape was able to:

About AirVape

AirVape is the brand behind one of industry’s leading vaporizers. The company combines elegant aesthetics, meticulous craftsmanship, and exceptional engineering to create a product that truly stands out from competition.

  • Finding industry specific writers
    To drive traffic to niche websites, brands need to create high-quality content regularly. However, AirVape’s product, and industry in general, is very specific. This makes creating high-quality content consistently challenging. Producing materials that’s relatable with a tone of authority and expertise about AirVape’s products required writers who understood the product, which was very hard to find.
  • Difficulty producing well-researched, informative content for a niche vaping industry
    AirVape had the option to outsource content writers available on popular freelancing sites. This meant their understanding of vaping and its tools was limited. As such, there was an obvious disconnect in the way non-industry writers were crafting their content that results in material that wasn’t engaging enough for a niche vaping audience. If there was an option to hire highly skilled, industry-specific writers, it would cost a lot.
  • Content creation wasn’t anchored on a concrete plan or strategy
    As if writing for a niche audience about a very specific product wasn’t already challenging enough, AirVape also didn’t have a concrete marketing plan or strategy in place. This resulted in content only being created for content’s sake, without any definitive way to achieve objectives.

“You work with writers with the intent to save time and money. Often, however, if you’re trying to save a lot, you get people who can’t form sentences correctly. And even if you do spend for content, there’s still a chance that you get people who aren’t dedicated to learning about the industry.”

  • Provided a team of experienced writers who could write for niche industries
    As AirVape experienced first hand, it’s hard to find good writers—particularly for niche products and industries. LeadsPanda, however, had a pool of writers who were trained across various disciplines so they could confidently create material for AirVape’s specific target audience.
  • Provided services anchored on a time-tested process to ensure delivery of well-researched content
    A major challenge AirVape faced was their inability to find writers who delivered consistently in terms of time and quality, given their budget constraints. LeadsPanda’s services, however, are known for their reliability. They follow a 15-point checklist that ensures their writers meet the stringent internal standards set by editors.
  • Provided a content plan based on the most profitable keywords, backed by business and competitor research.
    To address AirVape’s lack of strategic content direction, LeadsPanda’s team of SEO and editorial experts crafted a content plan to serve as the backbone of AirVape’s content efforts. This gave AirVape’s content better direction for its content marketing initiatives that would ultimately help drive visibility online.

“We get great content at a reasonable price; and articles are delivered on time—this company cares.”

It takes AirVape approximately 20 hours to plan, research, produce, polish, and publish a single content piece. With LeadsPanda onboard, a significant amount of the legwork was then transferred to LeadsPanda for a very cost efficient price.
Quality and efficiency was always guaranteed, which ultimately means that all AirVape’s team had to do was tweak and polish the final output. Moving 89% of the work to LeadsPanda allowed AirVape to stay ahead of the game and opened up new marketing and publicity opportunities. Not long after they started with LeadsPanda, AirVape was featured by the New York Times as the best product.

“We are happy with the results, Our blog is getting more views then before. LeadsPanda delivers results”

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