Executive Summary

CoreDial’s niche industry made it particularly difficult for the company to find a content partner that could deliver material to meet their team’s standards. While they had the option to produce content themselves, and for a while tried to leverage on internal resources to do so, it was clear that content production was something that needed to be outsourced. For this reason, LeadsPanda was on-boarded by CoreDial and was thus able to—

Develop a more strategic approach for content marketing.

Provide a pool of industry writers to deliver expertly written content.

Ensure consistent posting of SEO content driving a massive increase in organic traffic.

About CoreDial

CoreDial is a tech company in the cloud communications industry. Their core platform is designed to complement today’s business processes to ensure that companies can leverage on proven processes and innovative technology that allows them to be more competitive.


No content development processes in place to ensure strategic implementation

Writing just for writing’s sake means CoreDial was wasting time that they didn’t have. The internal team, while fully capable of developing material, didn’t have a central objective or focus that would make their content efforts more targeted and effective.

Unable to find suitable content partners and industry writers

This is a common problem among niche companies. Given the technical and specific nature of the business, it was difficult to find writers who could write content with sophistication and insight at par with the internal team.

Limited in-house resources that could ensure consistent content production

While internal CoreDial employees could expertly craft informative material for publishing, they didn’t have the time to do so. They didn’t have the processes in place that could facilitate consistent content production nor did they have a way to ensure that the material produced was strategically geared towards achieving their goals.

“LeadsPanda is seamless. It’s really a simple process compared to other content agencies/services.”

Brandon Olson

Marketing Communications Director

How LeadsPanda Helped

Developed a strategic content plan to generate more organic traffic

Following LeadsPanda’s tried and tested process of content development, CoreDial was given a content calendar and development plan that was intended specifically to grow their organic traffic.

Provided access to a team of industry writers who could produce well-researched content

CoreDial’s niche subject made it difficult to find writers outside of the industry who could create content with the same level of insight that their in-house teams could. However, LeadsPanda’s pool of industry writers were more than capable of producing niche content that proved to be relevant, insightful and engaging for their target audience.

Ensured consistent posting of SEO-ready content that drove traffic to the website

Consistency is one of the key reasons why brands are able to maintain visibility in a competitive market. This made regular postings all the more important for CoreDial. LeadsPanda’s reliability in content production allowed CoreDial to boost their organic traffic significantly.

“LeadsPanda writers & editors took the time to understand the topic and the context within the topic.”

Brandon Olson

Marketing Communications Director


CoreDial’s main challenge was their inability to produce content. The team didn’t have a content strategy in place; neither did they have the necessary processes that would ensure consistency and quality in material that they produced. LeadsPanda was able to provide strategic direction in their content marketing efforts that resulted in a 105% increase in organic traffic for the brand in a span of 6 months.

“LeadsPanda saved me tremendous time and energy.”

Brandon Olson

Marketing Communications Director

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