How FleetComplete Generated a Consistent Flow of Quality Content With Minimal Effort

Executive Summary

Modern businesses seek to engage their customers with high-quality informative blogs and corresponding social media posts. In a bid to relieve stretched in-house copywriting teams, many companies work with individual freelancers.

FleetComplete, a fleet management and asset tracking solution provider, found it challenging to rely on individual freelancers for consistently high-quality content. While some blog posts were well researched and engaging, the average article caliber was not always up to the desired standard. Working with LeadsPanda allowed FleetComplete to achieve the following results:

About FleetComplete

FleetComplete is the fastest-growing telematics provider in the world. It provides fleet and asset management solutions for industries such as transportation, logistics, construction, delivery, and more. Its solutions allow businesses to keep track of and manage their most important assets from a single location.

  • Individual freelancers delivered mediocre and inconsistent content
    Prior to working with LeadsPanda, FleetComplete hired multiple individual freelancers to create content for its blog page. However, individual freelancers are not always available to work on a fixed schedule over a long period of time. This can prevent blog posts from being published on a consistent schedule. Even when blog posts could be produced, the quality varied wildly, and it often achieved mediocre performance in terms of views and impressions.
  • Internal copywriters were often stretched too far and blog content was deprioritized as a result
    When freelancers are unavailable, responsibility for blog production falls to internal copywriters. However, internal copywriters were already responsible for producing advertising copy, email communication, press releases, and so much more. This resulted in blog content being deprioritized and created an inconsistent stream of content on FleetComplete’s blog—thereby making it more difficult to build regular readership.
  • Blogs were generic and lacked industry-specific insight
    Blogs are a common way for companies to beef up their online presence, establish their authority, and provide important industry knowledge for their customers. These blogs should share nuanced and specific information and insight readers will find interesting and would be unable to find elsewhere. However, FleetComplete’s stretched marketing team and inexperienced individual freelancers often produced blogs that were too generic. These articles lacked the research and insider insight necessary to rise above the vast amount of information available on the internet.

“Freelance copywriters [gave] mixed results—some were good but were not always able to deliver due to being overbooked; some were mediocre due to little industry knowledge and exposure. In-house copywriting was our main source, but due to being understaffed, other priorities were always outweighing blog writing.”

  • Consistent and reliable delivery of content aligned with the existing long-term marketing strategy
    A long-term content marketing strategy relies on the team’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality blog content that is aligned with the business’ communications goals. Freelancers and overburdened internal copywriters could not spare the time and guarantee long-term availability to plan blog content beyond the next few posts.

    LeadsPanda gave FleetComplete access to a writing team that was able to produce content on a fixed timeline for a long period of time. A preapproved content strategy and calendar also allowed FleetComplete to increase the complexity of its blog content over time without overwhelming readers.

  • Content was produced with industry statistics and research for maximum relevance to the reader
    Many in-house marketing teams can become preoccupied with shoehorning keywords into a blog post and can neglect readability as a result. While the content created by LeadsPanda was consistently optimized for SEO, it also included relevant insight and statistics from reliable sources to improve each post’s relevance for the reader. This also made the content a lot more enjoyable and insightful for its audience. As a result, FleetComplete’s blog became an important resource for prospective readers interested in asset management and fleet tracking.
  • Blog posts were optimized with meta tags and social media posts for easy distribution
    It’s not enough to simply produce a blog post and publish it on a business’ website. Blog posts need to be paired with the appropriate meta tags and should be amplified on social media. Each blog post produced by LeadsPanda was already given meta tags and came with suggested social media captions for the client to use. FleetComplete was able to optimize its content publication and amplification processes since everything came included with the blogs that were delivered to them.

“Content produced by LeasPanda is well written and I [only] have to do minimal editing. It also comes with optimized copy for metatags and social media posts, so distribution is even easier.”

Many businesses use blog content to establish a strong online presence and position themselves as thought leaders in their industry. High-performance blog posts rise above the clutter and reach the right audience quickly. FleetComplete compared the views that each blog post received and the leads generated as a result of those views and found that the articles produced by LeadsPanda consistently outperformed older and less-optimized posts. The blog posts also required minimal editing from internal marketing teams, which allowed blogs to be published more regularly.

“LeadsPanda helps us generate a consistent flow of quality content on our websites.”

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