How LogMeIn Scaled Their Content Marketing Efforts While Saving Cost and Time

Executive Summary

Modern marketing teams are responsible for a wide variety of marketing tactics and strategies. Each of these strategies requires significant time and resources to be effective. This can lead to the time-consuming task of content production being deprioritized despite its importance for effective marketing in the digital age.

LogMeIn, a remote access software provider, struggled to consistently produce high-quality and relevant content to engage their customers and readers. The company needed a cost-effective solution to produce a high quantity of relevant content. The following results were achieved after working with LeadsPanda:

About LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a remote access software provider. Its market-leading collaboration portfolio is home to a range of solutions from award-winning remote IT and support platforms to secure communications tools. It aims to empower businesses to engage with their customers and employees effectively in the remote and hybrid work environment.

  • The creation of fresh and current blog content was difficult
    Blog content requires a long-term marketing strategy and a dedicated team of creators and editors. Businesses invest significant time and money hiring specialists to produce content in-house. LogMeIn found it challenging to gather the resources needed to consistently create fresh and exciting content. The team was seeking a solution that could guarantee consistent, well-researched, and high-quality blog content at a reasonable price.
  • Continuous research and strategizing is required to plan the most engaging content for a time period
    Blog posts have to be current and informative to be effective. Marketing teams must conduct continuous research about the content that readers are most interested in and keep an eye on talking points that are dominating the news cycle at any given time. LogMeIn’s marketing team struggled to adjust its content strategy in tandem with their readers’ interests.
  • Stretched resources caused blog posts to be delayed or deprioritized
    LogMeIn’s marketing team was focused on demand generation, internal marketing events, media announcements, and other marketing activities. This regularly caused blog posts to be delayed or deprioritized. Sporadic content development prevented the business from creating consistent readership and establishing itself as a thought leader in the industry.

“The challenge was lack of resources to produce enough content to keep our blog fresh and current.”

  • A wide variety of content types were produced with minimal resource utilization
    LogMeIn’s stretched marketing team was often forced to limit the content they could develop due to a lack of available resources. If a press release was needed, blog posts had to be delayed or canceled. LeadsPanda allowed LogMeIn to produce and publish content regardless of the marketing team’s priorities or resource limitations.
  • More high-quality content could be delivered to readers consistently
    Working with LeadsPanda, LogMeIn did not have to worry about the resources needed to generate consistent content. LeadsPanda conducted industry research and keyword analysis, and developed medium-term content calendars to ensure that each blog post was relevant and insightful for readers. Since LogMeIn could produce content faster than before, readers anticipated consistent posts and were more likely to interact with the brand regularly.
  • Time saved by outsourcing content production freed up time for marketing teams to follow up on leads more effectively
    Many businesses use content marketing as part of a demand generation strategy. However, stretched marketing teams are often unable to make the most of inbound leads due to their existing obligations. Since LeadsPanda helped LogMeIn save hours that would otherwise have been spent on research and content development, its marketing team could prioritize marketing activities, directly leading to greater conversions or increased engagement with potential customers.

“The LeadsPanda team always delivers on time, is flexible, easy to work with, and open to feedback about topics and tone, which is extremely helpful.”

“LeadsPanda does all the leg work, which saves me hours and hours, and they produce quality content faster than I can keep up with.”

“LeadsPanda does all the leg work, which saves me hours and hours, and they produce quality content faster than I can keep up with.”

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