How Vesta Saved Time and Cost Using Turnkey Content Marketing With LeadsPanda

Executive Summary

Most companies understand the importance of content marketing, but it can be difficult to know how to get started. Both short- and long-term content marketing strategies require significant research, industry knowledge, and content marketing know-how. Some businesses that find in-house content development too time consuming try working with individual freelancers. However, this can still require in-house marketing teams to spend time editing and aligning each post to an overarching marketing plan and style.

Vesta, a payment fraud prevention service provider, desired content that could be published with minimal editing. It wanted to work with a content team that could help them save time and cost while expanding their content offerings. After working with LeadsPanda, Vesta achieved the following:

About Vesta

With nine offices spread across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Vesta is a global payment fraud prevention service provider. It uses machine learning to eliminate all costs associated with fraud. With its advanced machine learning algorithms, Vesta approves more than 97% of all transactions and assumes 100% of the cost of fraud for any transaction it approves.

  • Vesta needed a blog but lacked know-how
    Vesta had established itself as a reliable service provider for businesses of all sizes. However, it was unable to convert this operational success into thought leadership online. Vesta’s website did not have a blog or resource-sharing page due to the lack of content expertise in its marketing team. It did not have in-house writers, editors, or content managers to plan and execute a strategy that could help Vesta generate leads or increase web traffic through online content.
  • In-house content development was expensive and time consuming
    In-house content development can be a worthwhile investment for companies that produce high volumes of specialized content. However, Vesta did not want to accept the high costs associated with building an in-house content team. It was looking for a solution that could help them deliver high-quality and insightful content without significantly increasing the workload or budget utilization of its marketing team.
  • Working with individual freelancers could be time consuming due to the need for edits and alignment with company tone
    Some businesses outsource content development to individual freelancers. However, Vesta wanted a solution that reduced the amount of work for its in-house marketing team. Individual freelancers often produce work that needs to be edited to align with the company’s tone and voice. Freelancers also have inconsistent availability, which can increase the editing requirements since individual freelancers produce content at different quality levels.

“We didn’t have a blog and needed content to start one.”

  • Keyword research and content calendars helped in-house marketing teams develop an effective content marketing strategy
    Before developing blog posts, LeadsPanda conducted exhaustive research of keywords generating the most traffic on search engines and created a content calendar based on that research. This allowed Vesta to approve its content strategy ahead of time and ensure that each blog post is aligned with its desired marketing messages.
  • Turnkey content delivery allowed marketing teams to develop a more comprehensive content strategy
    LeadsPanda delivers each blog post with included meta descriptions and social media share texts. This means that Vesta could distribute its content across its social media pages and rank higher on search engines without additional work from in-house marketing personnel.
  • Delivered content required little to no edits and was often ready to be published as-is
    LeadsPanda’s experienced content development team consistently developed blog posts that were interesting, insightful, and informative. Vesta was able to publish its blog posts with little to no editing, and was empowered to establish a fixed blog publishing schedule and position itself as a thought leader in its industry.

“LeadsPanda is a turnkey solution that helped us get started quickly on content marketing while freeing up time for our in-house team.”

After working with LeadsPanda, Vesta was able to maintain a blog with topics that helped communicate its expertise in its field. LeadsPanda’s timely and speedy delivery of content also helped Vesta adhere to a fixed schedule for publishing blog posts according to a long-term content strategy.

“LeadsPanda provides speed, efficiency and value compared to other services.”

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