How UNCO Scaled Their Content Marketing and Saved Cost Every Year

Executive Summary

As one of the state’s biggest universities, UNCO naturally had multiple departments and offered just as many courses—all being promoted by a small marketing team. The team recognized the importance of producing content for their PG courses, with the goal to educate students about the university’s programs. However, limited manpower and resources made it difficult to scale the content marketing efforts. With LeadsPanda onboard, UNCO was able to—

About UNCO

UNC offers students the best educational experience in Colorado, through a combination of academic programs and innovative teachers who bring research to students in the classroom and in the field. By connecting teaching and research UNCO offers students a unique experience with 200 undergraduate and graduate programs on-campus, off-campus and online.

  • Limited manpower and resources
    UNCO is a major university with a lot to offer. However, the school had a very small team of marketing professionals that couldn’t leverage on everything the school had to offer to properly promote it. Given the limited resources and time to focus, content marketing was placed on the back-burner to attend to other, more pressing concerns.
  • Inability to find an affordable partner to outsource content
    Given the marketing team’s limited resources, it was clear that they needed to outsource content production. UNCO’s budget, however, made it difficult for them to find an affordable partner who they could rely on to deliver timely, quality pieces.
  • Unable to scale UNCO’s current content marketing efforts
    While there were current marketing efforts already in place, the need to scale content marketing initiatives was evident. Limitations imposed by a small marketing team, as well as limited time and resources to dedicate towards content marketing made it difficult to create strategic content plans.

“Before LeadsPanda it was a struggle to produce content every week given our team’s busy schedules.”

  • Provided access to a team of editors, industry writers, and content marketers
    LeadsPanda’s pool of content developers were dedicated to crafting expertly written content for UNCO that worked to scale the organization’s current marketing efforts.
  • Offered a pay-as-you-go custom monthly content plan
    One of the biggest challenges for UNCO was their inability to find a cost-effective solution to their content marketing problems. Most of the available content providers that UNCO had met with were expensive. LeadsPanda offered customized monthly content plans and delivered quality content reliably.
  • Freed up 40+ hours per month for the team
    Time, in any industry, is money. In the case of UNCO, LeadsPanda allowed them to save a significant amount of hours monthly that ultimately delivered massive cost savings for the school’s marketing department.

“Working with LeadsPanda has allowed us to scale at a rate that was previously unattainable.”

UNCO’s main challenge was that they didn’t have enough time and resources to dedicate towards content marketing. Despite recognizing the relevance and efficacy of content for their overall marketing strategy, their limited team couldn’t scale their current efforts so that it could match the breadth and scale of the university’s offerings. With LeadsPanda, they were able to scale the marketing team’s content marketing efforts without having to expand the team. Outsourcing content meant freeing up the department’s time that resulted in a savings of nearly $20,000 annually for the school.

“I really appreciate quality content delivered on time thanks to LeadsPanda’s customer friendly team.”

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