How KloudGaze Achieved Multi-Fold Web Traffic Increase and Grew Its Social Following by 2500%

Executive Summary

KloudGaze is a SaaS company offering proprietary enterprise-level application and database mapping solutions. With such unique technologies, KloudGaze wanted to build brand recognition and increase its mindshare through content marketing. As with any startup, their initial content marketing approach was to manage everything in-house. Multiple team members scampered to research and develop good content daily. However, without a clear content strategy, KloudGaze could not achieve positive results.

KloudGaze turned to LeadsPanda for an effective content strategy to help them:

About KloudGaze

KloudGaze is an enterprise SaaS technology provider that maps applications and databases across multiple platforms down to code level. It automatically generates a dependency model that gives businesses a detailed 360-view of their enterprise IT infrastructure, which allows them to conduct powerful analysis, enables rapid change management, and fosters better DevOps and applications development. Using proprietary algorithms, KloudGlaze can help IT managers assess non-compliance to regulatory frameworks and enable one-click cloud migration.

  • Absence of a clear content strategy that aligns with business objectives
    As a startup in a highly-specialized niche and offering industry-first technology, KloudGaze understood the role of content marketing in establishing its unique selling proposition and brand identity. However, KloudGaze didn’t have a clear content strategy that aligns with its overall marketing goals.
  • Lack of in-house capabilities to produce high-quality content
    Following the usual case for startups, KloudGaze attempted to create content in-house. However, no one was in charge of leading the content marketing. Multiple team members were tasked with finding content ideas and creating daily content. This resulted in disorganization and zero high-quality published content.
  • Irregular content production and social media posting
    Without a content development system in place, KloudGaze was unable to follow a consistent publishing schedule. Social media content posting was also far and few in between. As a result, no significant web traffic was generated from content marketing. KloudGaze’s social media also experienced minimal growth due to irregular social media posting.

“We were scampering every day to produce good and relevant content. Multiple team members were researching the web to find good and relevant content to post, without success. In short, we did not have a clear strategy.”

  • A diverse team of highly specialized writers provided industry-specific research and niche-specific engaging content
    LeadsPanda caters to an array of industries requiring content marketing, provided by an in-house team of content strategies, developers, and editors specializing in SaaS. A team of content marketing specialists with a strong SaaS background researched, conceptualized, and developed content ideas aligned with KloudGaze’s business objectives. LeadsPanda provides KloudGaze with industry-specific content that is relevant and valuable to their target audience.
  • Established content processes, systems, and methodologies delivered consistently engaging high-quality content on a regular schedule
    Through years of experience, LeadsPanda has developed time-tested content management systems — from idea to delivery — which gave KloudGaze a consistent stream of content following a steady publishing cadence.
  • Excellent content presentation that matched the high-quality content substance boosted social media following, web traffic, and engagement
    KloudGaze benefited from content marketing that adhered to gold standards in terms of form and substance with a focus on increasing web traffic, acquiring more social media followers, and boosting engagement.

“Before LeadsPanda, we were struggling to produce quality, relevant content on a regular basis and distribute it through social channels. LeadsPanda provided us with a clear strategy and executed the strategy with industry-specific research, great content, and excellent presentation.”

As a startup trying to build brand recognition in a highly competitive and specialized niche, KloudGaze recognizes the role of content marketing in establishing its brand identity and pushing its business objectives forward. Through the SaaS-centered content strategy provided by LeadsPanda, KloudGaze recorded an immense increase in its website traffic and its social media following grew by 2500% in a quarter.

“This has helped KloudGaze establish mind share and brand recognition among our targeted audience. We have also seen a multifold increase in our website traffic and our social media following has grown over 2500% in 3 months. I would recommend Leads Panda to all emerging technology businesses who want their presence known and their brand recognized, globally.”

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