Executive Summary

OnTheClock’s main objective was to promote their software across industry publications and niche sites that had an engaged core market. Their goal: to boost brand visibility, increase credibility in their industry, and generate high-quality backlinks. LeadsPanda was able to help them by:

Developing a go-to list of preferred blogs and publications that met brand objectives, and executing a comprehensive outreach strategy

Giving OnTheClock access to a team of content experts who could write intelligently about the brand’s niche services

Producing exceptional content

About OnTheClock

OnTheClock is an online employee time clock system. Their main goal is to provide customers with an accurate and powerful system that can help track employee hours, time, and PTO. The brand’s main differentiator from the competition is the fact that the app is 100% web-based, and setup takes only a few minutes.


The internal team didn’t have the time for focused content marketing

Guest posting is a known content marketing strategy that has proven to be effective for a lot of niche industries. The problem is, content creation, finding websites and publications aligned with OnTheClock’s objectives, reaching out to them, and following up, took a lot of time from the team, which they couldn’t spare.

OnTheClock didn’t have the resources to dedicate for the task

Apart from not having enough time to produce material, OnTheClock was also challenged by not having the proper resources to dedicate for the task. There were no team members with the expertise to identify potential publications to partner with; nor did they have employees familiar with the processes involved in guest posting.

Lack of expertise to produce high-quality content

Despite having in-depth knowledge about their subject matter and industry, developing highly engaging and actionable content required exceptional creative and technical writing skills—which the team wasn’t trained for.

“We did not have the resources for quality guest post writing and outreach. Outsourcing it to writers resulted in mediocre quality.”

Dean Mathews


How LeadsPanda Helped

Created an exclusive target list of publications

LeadsPanda took over the task of seeking out relevant sites and publications that could push the brand objective forward. They created a target list of blogs and also devised and implemented a complete outreach strategy. LeadsPanda also ensured that timely follow-ups were conducted.

Provided access to a team of content experts

LeadsPanda’s expertise in content marketing ensured that their team of content experts could facilitate the development of content and ensure its publication across high-ranking blogs that could drive additional traffic to OnTheClock’s website.

Create high-quality content anchored on LeadsPanda’s established processes

LeadsPanda’s expertise in content marketing meant OnTheClock could rely on a tried and tested process for content development and promotion that ensured timely production and efficiency.

“I like the communication from LeadsPanda team, Promptness, and Quality of writing”

Dean Mathews



Today’s focus on remote working opportunities and increasing globalization has put a lot of focus on OnTheClock’s ability to address key operational challenges for businesses. All they had to do was put their services on the radar of their niche audience. LeadsPanda ensured this by helping them reach out to key blogs and publications, including the development of regular material.

“Our lead flow has increased since after using LeadsPanda, I would highly recommend LeadsPanda.”

Dean Mathews


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