How Paskr Cuts Cost by 75% and Grows Reach with LeadsPanda

Executive Summary

Like many small-to-medium enterprises, Paskr recognized the value of content marketing but didn’t have the capacity to get the ball rolling. To succeed, they needed to deliver consistent, relevant materials backed by a well-thought out content strategy. That needed time and focus–resources that weren’t readily available for the team. With LeadsPanda however, Paskr was able to:

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Paskr is a technology-based company that delivers project management solutions specific to the construction industry. Their platform is designed to simplify, improve, and make internal operations more effective for construction teams, as well as make these capabilities accessible to businesses, regardless of size.

  • No dedicated marketing team to drive the content machine
    Content creation is a vital part of any business’ marketing strategy. However, focusing time and effort into developing quality articles that target Paskr’s niche market can take a lot of time from their small team. To deliver well-written and researched content, their existing team had to shift focus from day-to-day business operations and attend to content marketing requirements.

  • Inconsistent content marketing
    Consistency is critical to content marketing as it helps target and build more meaningful touchpoints with the audience. Given the amount of time that content production took from the Paskr team however, they were unable to deliver and publish material regularly.
  • Unable to produce strategic content that establishes Paskr’s expertise
    While Paskr’s team were indeed experts about their product and industry, their knowledge made it more difficult to communicate salient and relevant points about it. Often, their content tried to cover too much material and was too technical given the sophistication of their readers. Suffering from expert’s paradox and face time constraints of content production, Paskr was unable to then maximize their team’s knowledge and experience to establish themselves as experts in the industry.

“Being a small company and department of one, I am stretched pretty thin and have to use my time and skills effectively, while wearing many hats. It is easier for me to contract out content creation to a professional 3rd party experts.”

  • Provided access to a dedicated team of content managers, industry writers and SEO experts
    Building relevant, branded traffic requires strategy and thought. It’s not enough to simply create content to populate a blog—it needs to be targeted, well-researched, and search engine optimized to be effective. LeadsPanda’s team of content managers, industry writers, and SEO experts lent itself to achieving this goal for Paskr.
  • Delivered timely weekly content
    Producing a few pieces of content and publishing it only as it becomes available limits a brand’s ability to connect with their audience. Given that LeadsPanda had a dedicated content team delivering content for Paskr, the brand was able to deliver consistent, relevant material weekly.
  • Ensured well-researched, high-quality content
    Writing content just for content’s sake is not only a waste of time, it’s also not an effective way to get the results you need. Anchored on the objective to establish Paskr as an expert in the industry, LeadsPanda helped ensure that articles weren’t only timely, they were also well-researched and spoke to a niche audience with authority.

“Consistent delivery of content allowed us to increase brand awareness and thought leadership.”

With focused content production, LeadsPanda’s dedicated team allowed Paskr to not only develop material regularly and consistently, they were also able to create more strategic content.
LeadsPanda deliver SEO-ready blogs and content pieces weekly that allow Paskr to publish material on their website and social media platforms regularly. Removing content development from the Paskr team’s docket allows them to save a lot of time that would have otherwise been dedicated towards research and content production. This resulted in a significant 75% cost savings.

“With LeadsPanda, delivering engaging relevant content that positions my company as thought leaders in a vertical became possible.”

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