How VestTech Increased Their Social Media Engagement By 67% With LeadsPanda

Executive Summary

Given the popularity of digital technology and peripheral products today, VestTech was in a prime position to boost their brand and introduce their product to a wider audience. They specifically wanted to promote their brand on social media, with the objective of raising their fan following, increasing engagement, and driving more traffic to their website and blog.
With LeadsPanda onboard, they were able to:

About VestTech

VestTech’s core mission is to keep consumers safe from electromagnetic radiation. They pursue this mission by providing an entire category of products significantly reducing radiation, built on innovative tested and proven technologies, delivered in a contemporary design. To that end, their customers enjoy an entire category of anti-radiation solutions, addressing the most potentially dangerous sources of electromagnetic radiation known today. The most frequently used: mobile devices (cases and headsets), microwave ovens, laptops and their Wi-Fi use, maternity apparel, and more.

  • No in-house social media expertise
    Social media isn’t simply about posting and updating your page. To achieve your objectives, you need to be strategic and consistent. VestTech, unfortunately, didn’t have a dedicated in-house team that could focus time and effort towards this; nor did they have the experience to craft a strategic social media plan.
  • Inability to find an affordable partner to work with
    VestTech searched for an expert partner who could help with their social media and content marketing. However, they were unable to find one that fits their budget.
  • Existing efforts were unable to generate desired results
    Existing efforts to reach their desired objectives were unable to generate the results they needed. This made the need to find a more effective and cost-efficient way to reach their goals more apparent.

“The difference that LeadsPanda has made in our content and social media marketing is remarkable.”

  • Developed social media calendar anchored on strategic insight
    Following LeadsPanda’s tried and tested process of content development, VestTech was provided a social media calendar that was anchored on strategy and insight.
  • Provided cost-effective social media plans on a monthly basis
    One of VestTech’s challenges was due to their inability to engage a partner that could provide expert services which would fit their budget. LeadsPanda’s affordable monthly plans gave them access to an experienced content and social media team who could create consistent social media posts and content.
  • Provided a strategic system of social media posting ensuring efficacy
    Following a strategic and systematic approach to social media management and content development, LeadsPanda provided regular material that increased Vest followers and drove traffic to their site.

“It’s always fun to have our prospects share how much they enjoy our marketing content, Since working with LeadsPanda.”

VestTech had every opportunity to leverage on the relevance of their product in today’s market. But they needed a way to communicate this to a wider audience. Social media became the best approach. However, the company neither had the resources or expertise to manage it. Thanks to LeadsPanda, the brand’s fan base grew by 67%—building a loyal base of fans and followers, and driving additional traffic to their website.

“LeadsPanda provided us with relevant and informative content. Amidst the age of marketing fluff, they’re a cut above the rest.”

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