12 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Career Site Tab On A Budget

You’ve just created a career site on Facebook in your company’s pursuit for the best and brightest minds. How exactly do you attract these minds? Well, first you have to make sure that your career site tab doesn’t get caught up among all the other custom apps you have on your page.

Sometimes, promoting your career site can get a little frustrating, inefficient, and downright ineffective. Make sure that you maximize all the opportunities that having a Facebook career site can offer you by practicing these simple, cost-effective tips.

#1: Design and Reorder Your App Thumbnails

App thumbnails appear under your Page’s cover and you can choose up to 3 custom apps to appear in your default view. Apps which are featured here are prominent, always visible and generate more traffic compare to apps which are hidden down below.

Featured App Generate Maximum Traffic

Include your Facebook career site in top 3 featured apps on your timeline, to generate maximum traffic


Your app thumbnail design plays an important role in increasing click through rates and traffic. Design a thumbnail which is consistent with your branding  and include a clear text to describe your career tab such as, “We’re Hiring”, “See Openings” “Careers” etc. A well designed thumbnail clearly tells visitor what is inside.

A well designed Facebook career site thumbnail

A well designed Facebook career site thumbnail

If career site tab is important for you, reorder the app thumbnails so that this important app is featured on your timeline just below your cover photo.

#2: Update Your Facebook Cover Photo

Want to post a semi-permanent picture on your Timeline without having to compromise anything on your fan page? No problem. Make use of the Facebook Cover Photo! You can try promoting your career site tab via this banner so it becomes a constant fixture on your Timeline. Try making the picture alluring and interesting with creative graphics & visuals.

Draw attention to your newly created Facebook career site with arrows and illustration and include a call to action. Facebook’s new cover page guidelines allow you to include a call to action in your cover photo.

#3: Announce Your Career Site Tab to Fans

When launching your career site tab, it will be a good idea to let your fans know about it by sharing it a couple of times on your fan page timeline. Announce your career site at different times of the day throughout the launch week. You can create multiple posts with different text, images and a link to your career tab, and easily schedule it to appear throughout your launch week. And yes, don’t forget to ask your fans to spread the word about it.

Post launch you should establish a job sharing time table and share jobs in your timeline at a regular interval. Determine a balanced time table which generates most traffic for you and does’t spam your fans. Mix it up with other interesting content for better results.

#4: Use Your Website’s Career Section

If your company has a career site at its disposal, you should maximize this opportunity. You can promote your Facebook career site on your company’s career site. Perhaps you can offer to link your website traffic directly unto your Facebook career site, or maybe you can implement a Facebook widget that showcases a feed of your page posts. You can even dedicate a  banner on your website header or sidebar to promote the Facebook career site.

Utilize Facebook social plugins to easily create  and embed a Facebook widget on your website. This will help you direct traffic to your fan page.

#5: Utilize Your Existing Job Distribution Channels

You will already be distributing jobs to your career site and different job-boards. You can easily use your job posts on these channels to bring traffic back to your Facebook career site. In each of your job post, include a line or two about your career presence on Facebook with a clear call to action.

Invite candidates to join you on Facebook and make them aware of your career presence on Facebook. This way you will easily let your job post visitors know about your Facebook career site and drive more traffic to it. Below is an example, you can plug a similar paragraph in your job posts:

Utilize your job posts on job boards to bring traffic to your career site

Utilize your job posts on job boards to bring traffic to your Facebook career site

#6: Include It in Your Email Signature

If you already have a running line of communication with various candidates via email, use this to your advantage. Try to get the word out by including a link to your newly constructed career site tab in your email signature. You should also ask your recruiting team members to do the same for further exposure.

Utilize email signatures to promote your facebook career site

Utilize email signatures to promote your Facebook career site

#7: Notify Your Email List

You would have also created a database of candidates who applied to a job at your company in the past or joined your talent pool. Utilize this candidate database and send an interesting email asking them to checkout your new career site tab on Facebook. Your email list is a network that you shouldn’t disregard.

#8: Make Use Of Twitter

It’s always a good idea to make use of all possible mediums at your disposal. Twitter is not an exception. Firstly you should let your twitter followers know about your career site on Facebook, by tweeting it multiple times throughout the launch week.  You should also try tweeting to people who you think would be interested in your career site, or would be willing to share your app among their followers.

Post launch you should regularly tweet links to the jobs posted on your Facebook career site to your twitter account. You should also try to maximize reach of your jobs by making use of appropriate twitter hashtags.

#9: Blog About It

Does your company have a running blog? Great. That’s another way to promote your career site. Announce your Facebook career site on your blog and drive your blog visitors to your Facebook career site. Also, If you have created something unique and amazing, you can try promoting your site to other bloggers in the industry who are looking for new things to write about. Blogging is a very powerful information tool, make the most out of it.

#10: Promote It Through Offline Channels

Don’t limit your promotion ventures to the virtual world. The physical world can serve you just as well. If you do campus visits, organize or attend career fairs, or participate in other career specific events, these can serve as perfect venues for you to promote your Facebook career site. You can make use of printed posters, leaflets, flyers, or anything that is visual and accessible to promote your Facebook career presence. You can as well include url of your Facebook career site in all your recruiting team members’ business cards.

#11: Post Regular Updates

Most of the time, the reason some pages are never noticed on Facebook is because these pages fail to regularly share noticeable and interesting posts. Even if your company does have a career site tab, if your page only posts updates, announcement and news only once a week, your Facebook career site might as well not exist. You have to be competitive with the content of your page and with what you have to offer in the news feeds. You don’t want to waste time and effort constructing a good quality post, only to lose it forever in the realm of Facebook feeds.

Be consistent and constantly update the Facebook world of your presence and relevance. Although, you should be careful. You don’t want to saturate your audiences by bombarding them with irrelevant posts all the time. The perfect balance of quality and quantity is key in Facebook sharing.

 #12: Make Use Of Your Employees

And the last, but certainly not the least, tip that we can give you is for you to utilize the networking power of your own company employees. Try asking them to help share, post, tweet whatever they can to help promote your company’s Facebook career site. In the end, your company’s greatest resource will always be your people.

So that’s it. These are the 12 simple, affordable ways for your company to promote its Facebook Career site. What are some of the tactics you have utilized to promote your Facebook career site? Share it all in the comments below.


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About the Author: Jessica Simmons

Jessica manages content at LeadsPanda. When she is not improving content, Jessica enjoys spending time with family, friends and hiking with her dogs.


  1. Kathy August 19, 2013 at 6:19 am - Reply

    I liked the 5th “Utilize Your Existing Job Distribution Channels” tactic most. Looks like a great way to generate traffic from your paid/free job distribution elsewhere. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tim March 19, 2014 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    Sometimes just announcing it to fans, like in #3, can go a long way! Some good suggestions here, all of them viable. Thanks for the share.

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