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5 Essential Elements for an Effective White Paper

Of the many content formats you’ve probably produced for your business, a white paper may be the one that you haven’t attempted. And no wonder—it’s a daunting prospect. Even if you have written a white paper, there’s always room for improvement.  In the history of white papers, have you ever known anyone to express excitement

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5 Best Practices for Repurposing Content

Have you considered repurposing your content? It can be a great, low-effort way to increase your search relevance while building audience engagement.  Your blog archives are probably a treasure trove of useful posts that you could reuse to reach a wider audience. Repurposing content helps you save time and helps ensure you’re able to produce

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Everything You Need to Know About Repurposing Content

A blog post’s shelf life doesn’t end once it’s published. In fact, if you know how to repurpose content, you can extend the life of every piece you publish.  Start by taking a look at your “hall-of-famers.” Which posts would you consider your best? Which ones got the most shares, the most comments, and the

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Social Media Trends That You Should Already Be Using

On any given day, the average online user spends 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media. Still, no matter how often you use social media for personal reasons, maintaining social media business pages to grow your brand is very different. Making your business stand out is already challenging enough before you consider trying to

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A Roundup of the Latest Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know   

When someone asks: what’s going on with marketing these days? It’s hard to give a definitive answer. Content marketing is in a constant state of flux—evolving, changing, expanding, and reinventing itself.  To help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s effective in this space, we’re rounding up the latest content marketing statistics that

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Do You Need A Content Marketing Agency?

The internet has changed marketing for both consumers and marketers. For starters, audiences now have a lot of control over their marketing experiences and they can easily avoid communications they don’t find relevant or compelling.  What does this mean for brands and businesses? Mostly that marketing services are becoming a significant investment for companies who

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Video Content Ideas That Should Be in Your Content Pipeline

Have you looked at the statistics for online content lately? Here are some numbers worth paying attention to:   A recent study noted that 86% of marketing professionals have been using video as a marketing tool. Recognizing the potential of video content for business growth, they note that video had a direct impact on their sales

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Do Listicles Still Work?

There are good reasons listicles remain one of the most popular forms of content today. They’re engagingly readable. Deliciously bite-sized. And very shareable—even if you haven’t written one, you’ve probably shared them.  Given their ubiquity, you’d think that the world would have tired of them already. Yet the online world’s go-to content format lives on—and

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Visual Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Among all the content marketing trends that have redefined modern strategies, none have made a bigger impact than visual content. Nearly half of marketers consider visual marketing to be a very important aspect of their overall marketing strategy. This focus on visual content was prompted by the realization that visuals were more engaging for their

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