7 Most Useful Recruitment Tools of the Year

Recruitment tools are created to make the lives of sourcers, recruiters, HR leaders or job candidates a little easier.

These HR software can help recruiters post jobs across multiple job boards, search for applicants/source candidates, review and rank candidates, schedule interviews, organize candidates by stages and build a talent pipeline.

Here are the 7 most useful recruitment tools of 2017:

1. Immersion by MIT

Immersion is a free tool that allows instant data visualization and network analysis for talent management and acquisition. You start by authenticating with an email account before you can see your inbox. Once you opened,  you can get a “people centric” inbox view that has a beautiful, colorful and powerful data visualization of your personal and professional network, as told by your email.

The service makes social network analysis and “big data” instantly understandable, accessible and actionable – at no cost whatsoever.

2. OnRecruit.

OnRecruit enables employers to know where your candidates are coming from and which sources your hires are being sourced from.

Unlike aggregators and any other pay-per-acquisition tools, OnRecruit only initiates recruiting related ad spend on positions where you need qualified candidates instead of more applicants.

This recruitment tool monitors your job postings in real time, and automatically allocates and optimizes campaign spend based on job title and how long the role has been open. It decreases the amount of time and money, employers spend throughout the recruiting process since it essentially achieves the same outcome as any other source.

In the end, if you don’t get to hire someone, you don’t have to pay OnRecruit anything, since it’s tracking conversions, not just clicks.

3. TextRecruit

TextRecruit allows HR to engage with current employees via personalized or automated text messages, offering a powerful and robust internal communication and collaboration tool.
With a 40% response rate and an average response time of under 30 minutes, TextRecruit delivers far better engagement and much quicker response times than any CRM or “talent network” solution.

It has a Chrome extension in addition to a mobile app for both iOS and Android to send and track messages from any device anywhere in the world in real time.

TextRecruit has a tiered pricing starting at just $49 a user a month for 200 contacts, which at 40% response rate is, 80 responses from qualified candidates.

4. Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace offers inline editing, tight permissioning and data governance/administration, supports almost every media or file type conceivable for easy sharing and collaboration. It has live video for broadcasting internally or with work groups that can replace traditional tools like Go-To-Meeting.

It has a federated search functionality for work teams as well as a chat feature.

5. Hiretual

Hiretual features the standard dynamic profiles and federated search, stack ranking and machine learning. It’s primarily a Chrome extension pulling in a ton of public data points, and it provides information on how you can source, engage better and slate better.

By stack ranking candidates relative to similar candidates, referencing market demand, company financials and compensation benchmarks, Hiretual can tell how likely a candidate will make it through to an offer.

This tool helps you pinpoint who you should focus on a.k.a the candidates you might actually place and not just ones who look like a fit on paper.

6. TrustSphere

TrustSphere offers TrustVault, a proprietary Relationship Analytics Platform, that takes internal and external, structured and unstructured data to create a “Social Graph” for an organization. It provides a data-centric view of any company across all stakeholders, functions and business units.

The resulting visualization tool, called “TrustView,” provides a look at the informal and formal kinds of relationships and connections within an organization.

It’s similar to Klout in some way because it shows who matters most in your organization, such as external and internal influencers, even which employees to target for retention efforts. It can be integrated with IBM, Salesforce and Sugar CRM.

7. HireRabbit

HireRabbit makes it easier for recruiters to utilize social media to find their next great candidate. It lets you reach top performers in their free time through Facebook and other mobile applications.

Do you have the perfect candidate for a specific job?? HireRabbit lets people share your job to candidates you’d want to hire. It also integrates straight to your Applicant Tracking System.

Recruitment requires real effort, resources and focus. These new HR tools are handy in making the whole process more accurate and efficient.

What tools do you use for making recruitment easier? Share them in the comments below.

Looking to optimize your hiring process through social media? Sign up for a free trial of HireRabbit.

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