Blogging: Good for Your Career?

Between 2006 and 2011, the worldwide number of blogs rose from 35 million to 173 million. As the internet has grown from its 1990s Al Gore days, so too has the popularity of blogs. But is blogging good for business? Does it even matter when it comes to your career?

Steve Buck at Black Tie Digital Marketing encourages us to think of blogging as a newspaper, full of content and contributors, relaying information and stories to a specific group. When done right, blogging is one way to set you apart, showcase your talent, and create personal contact.

Blog for Business

  • To build a portfolio: You may or may not be looking for a job at the moment, or even looking to move up in your current career. Someday when you are ready to move in that direction, and you have been consistently writing in a visible format, you will have a wealth of resources from which to pull. Remember to keep paragraphs short, use bullets, and be brief. You want to keep readers interested.
  • To build an audience: If your blog has an attractive layout, is easy to navigate and your posts draw readers in, you will have an audience. Part of this is making sure you do your part to make your name known, to utilize social media outlets so that others will visit your site. Be proud of your writing and do not hesitate to make your site visible.
  • To supplement your résumé: Not only does a blog serve as a writing sample, you also allow a potential employer to see that you are familiar with navigating a blogging platform, that you are self-motivatedand tech-savvy. Employers want to hire people who take initiative and possess the confidence to move forward.
  • To make connections: Other bloggers are often ready and willing to connect with fellow writers who have similar interests and ideas. The best way to start those relationships? Just ask. You will find writers who want to remain an island unto themselves, but also a wealth of those who would love to link up, share information, and trade ideas.
  • To convert readers to customers: Blogging as a marketing platform is a simple, flexible way to get the word out about your product, business, or organization. You can measure the flow of traffic, communicate with customers, and establish your position as a leader. In a casual environment such as a blog, potential customers can feel comfortable to browse the possibilities and make an informed decision.

Blogging is not for everyone. The process requires time, consistency, and a level of organization. If not well-maintained, readers will be sparse, your connections will be limited, and your portfolio may look thin. However, with millions of potential readers waiting for your unique approach and ideas, the result of your efforts could be good for business and your career.

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About the Author: Jessica Simmons

Jessica manages content at LeadsPanda. When she is not improving content, Jessica enjoys spending time with family, friends and hiking with her dogs.

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