B2B companies may not necessarily create the next iPod or TiVo, but with the right amount of focus and dedication, they can still create word of mouth that gives them an edge over competitors. Jackie Huba

Effective brand awareness in B2B companies creates loyal consumers as they understand your specific product, causing your business to grow and profit. If your company has a strong brand awareness strategy in place it will make all the difference in giving you the edge in your field. Brand awareness is built when your product stands out from the rest. You can create the best brand around, but if no one knows about it, you are pitching the idea to an empty room.

Building brand awareness can seem daunting. Here are some questions to ask as you consider brand awareness for your company:

What is your message? Create a unique logo and a name. You want consumers to be able to know right away what your business is and what it does. The logo should be recognizable to consumers, even without a name attached. If your company is not easily identified, customers will not be drawn to share it, explore it, or consume it.

What do your customers need? You will know the answer to that question when you connect with the consumers. High quality customer service should be a priority, as well as having a strategy in place for customer awareness. How do you gauge the needs of your customers?

What makes your brand unique? Why would a consumer choose your product over a similar product? What sets it apart? When it comes to fast food, there is something unique about each brand that stands out as unique to that company, whether it’s McDonalds’ Big Mac, Burger King’s Whopper, or Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. What is the identity of your company?

What is your company’s presence on social media? Like it or not, social media is here to stay. This is where the connections are, where to consumers go for ratings and reviews. Get connected, or get left behind.Social Media Today reports that 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as social media platforms to distribute content, 53% of B2B buyers follow social discussions about vendors they are considering, and 54% of B2B of website social media visits are via Facebook

In a 2014 report, Siegel + Gale found that if consumers know and feel a connection with a B2B brand, they are 10% more likely to consider that brand. In addition, high consumer awareness increased financial performance. Consider how you are making a connection and making others aware of what your business has to offer.

You could make brand awareness a difficult process, or you could keep it simple: make your business recognizable through a unique logo and name, know your consumers and their needs, develop a unique brand, and have a strong presence on social media. A successful B2B company will focus on relationships and educating consumers about the product.