5 Crucial Tips When Reviewing Content

Thou shall not trust the first draft. This should be a cardinal rule that should be instilled in the mind of every content marketer. Proofreading and reviewing content are two often overlooked steps in content development. Some marketers don’t have the time to go through their own work, while some are too eager to publish. […]

10 Key Elements to Giving Concise and Clear Content Briefs for Writers — A Must for Content Success!

“???” Many writers feel this way when receiving content writing instructions from their clients or bosses — confused, or even clueless. The writer is not sure what it is required and how to proceed. There are three scenarios that could arise from this problem: Writers waste time trying to understand what you want and as […]

Building Your Blog Stash: 51 Posts You Should Write for Content Marketing Success

To blog or not to blog? That is NOT the question. It really isn’t. There’s no argument against blogging as a marketing tool for businesses, no matter what industry you’re in, regardless of what products or services you’re selling. A lot of the buzz has been about the benefits of blogging for businesses, including: 47% […]

Top 5 Tips for Effective CTAs

If you’ve ever signed up to be part of an email list, downloaded a PDF or whitepaper, exchanged your email for a free trial, then it’s probably because these products and services offered a compelling call-to-action (CTA). In an article written by columnist Jeremy Smith for Marketingland, he notes that “Conversions, revenue, business and profit […]

How To Promote Your Blog : 50 Free Ways To Increase Traffic

When there is traffic, there is opportunity. An opportunity to engage and gain the trust of your prospects. An opportunity to get leads. An opportunity to convert them into actual paying customers. An opportunity to get referrals. However, when there is traffic, more often than not, there is also money involved. It was DigitalMarketer.com’s Ryan […]