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How can I do guest posting?

When marketers learned how to leverage on guest blogging as a way to promote their own blogs and websites, it somehow morphed into something most would consider spammy. Instead of being a mutually beneficial way to market brands and offer valuable content, it became nothing more than a vehicle for aggressive promotional efforts. However, I

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What are some important tips for writing an ebook?

Writing ebooks can seem like a daunting and overwhelming prospect. The length alone is enough to intimidate you. When you factor in the level of quality that needs to be maintained and the kind of research that goes behind it, it’s almost enough to put you off from writing altogether. As far as value-added content

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What are the advantages of email marketing for businesses?

I often hear marketers proclaim that ‘email is dead.’ Given the proliferation of other customer touch points today—your website, direct message, text, social media—it’s not hard to assume they’re right. But I disagree. Despite having all these alternative ways to reach customers, email remains a constant in people’s lives. By 2020, studies even show that

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What content marketing tools do you use?

88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. However, they don’t do this without help. Like me, these marketers probably rely on a lot of tools to streamline key tasks and make everything more efficient. To that end, I thought sharing the tools I use,  to help you save time

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What are the best tools for social media monitoring and why?

It’s likely that you already have social media incorporated into your online marketing strategy. However, it’s not enough to simply post content regularly. Along with researching relevant and timely content to post, and creating well-written social media captions that attract and engage audiences, you also want to know that you’re reaping the rewards of all

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