As customers become savvier and as competition gets tougher, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that businesses are making a bigger push to deliver unique, memorable brand experiences. A big part of that is personalization—which goes well beyond addressing your audience by their first names.

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Like most marketers, you probably already have an email marketing strategy in place. However, according to statistics, segmenting email lists further to individualize email campaign messaging is considered the most effective personalization tactic by half of marketing influencers. 

Here are some strategies for your campaigns I have personally tried that have delivered great results.

1. Offer Customized Incentives

Incentives are a powerful way to drive purchases from new customers and engage existing customers. Generic incentives that lump both segments together may not be as effective, however, since both have different motivations. For new customers, free shipping might be a good way to get them to complete their purchase, while returning customers might be more persuaded by a discount on their next purchase.

2. Use Targeted Call-To-Actions (CTA)

CTAs are one of the more effective ways you can encourage your customers to take a specific action. By going one step further and personalizing your CTAs using dynamic content, you can engage with your customers in a smarter, customized way.

3. Provide Personalized Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are great opportunities for you to up-sell and re-engage customers. Instead of sending generic emails that present the same products over and over to every customer, why not tailor recommendations based on previous purchase history or other historical data? This will prompt them to actually click on your offer and explore further.

4. Take Note of Milestones

Customers want to feel like brands that they’re loyal to actually know them. To that end, brands that make it a point to reach out during milestone events in their customers’ lives are often rewarded with loyalty and consistent patronage. Something as simple as sending a birthday email (an added coupon is a big plus) can make a huge difference in a customer’s perception of your brand. It shows you’re a business that actually cares about them, not just their money.

5. Time It Right

Email is still a business’s most important line of communication. However, customers are typically bombarded with too many emails on a daily basis to keep up with. You’d be surprised at how many emails simply end up in the trash, unopened because of poor timing. Make sure to consider the time zones of your customers and send your emails at a time when they’re most likely to be opened.

Thanks to technology, these personal touches can now be implemented easily. So, go the extra mile for your customers, and I promise you, you will reap the rewards of your efforts almost immediately.

Hope my answer helps! Feel free to get in touch with me at LeadsPanda with any questions