It’s certainly possible for you to write your blog yourself. However, that’s on the premise that you have the bandwidth to dedicate to this task. Remember, blog writing, especially when it’s for a business, has to be written with more thought. You’re not just writing for writing’s sake.

Your blog’s goal is to inform, engage, and convert people. And marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are actually 3x more likely to see positive ROI. However, it takes skill, time, and effort to achieve this. If I had to run it down, the advantages below highlight the real value professional writers can offer a business, and the importance of hiring professionals to develop content for their blogs.

1. They are dedicated and focused on delivering quality content

I’m sure you or someone else in your team probably knows your business inside and out. While that’s certainly an advantage, it’s also impractical to assume that you have the time to do it all yourself, or the proper skill set to deliver quality content.

Managing a business already takes up a lot of your time. Do you really want to spread yourself so thin by taking on content development by yourself? If you opt to have someone from your accounting team manage this, do you really think they will deliver an article that’s engaging, easy to understand, and relatable?

The great thing about a professional writer is that they are specifically trained to learn about your industry and your company to deliver informative, well-written content. You can also ensure that they will create something perfectly aligned with your objectives.

2. They can combine creativity with brand objectives

It takes a specific set of skills and experience to develop material that is fun and engaging to read, but still meets a brand’s business objectives. A professional writer who is adept in creating content for brands can easily do this for you. They can adjust their writing tone and style to fit niche audiences, which ultimately makes it easier for you to engage your target audience.

3. They can lend their expertise to help you develop fresh ideas

Internal employees are usually experts when it comes to what their company does. However, that usually means it’s harder for them to develop fresh ways to present and explain what their business has to offer. As a result, you end up with a blog populated with overworked angles, or worse, clichés that are uninteresting to your audience.

Professional writers essentially find new and unique ways to position your brand or service to best serve your specific needs.

The bottom line — when it comes to content development, two heads are always better than one. This is especially true regarding checking for typos, exploring new content ideas, and streamlining your writing process to ensure consistency.

In my experience, however, getting real value from professional writers also depends on the writers themselves. You have the option to hire a freelancer who you can train yourself, or try tapping into a content marketing company, like ours, with a pool of industry writers who can ensure timely delivery and guarantee quality; which is actually what we are best known for.