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Are eBooks losing their effectiveness as a content marketing strategy?

No, definitely not — and I can say this with full confidence as a marketer. eBooks are by far some of the most effective forms of content that drive leads and conversions to my site. One of the most challenging aspects of marketing is communicating the real value behind your products or services. The difficulty

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What is the most effective email marketing strategy?

According to statistics: 99% of consumers check their email daily. 80% of business professionals believe email marketing helps boost customer retention. 59% of consumers say marketing emails influence purchase decisions. Even so, to gain all the advantages of email, you have to have a good email marketing strategy that stands out and gets opened. So,

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Is it ok to add a lead magnet that is not at all related to what my website actually offers?

So, you have your website and blog for your brand or service all set up. You regularly churn out well-researched and carefully written content that your audience should dig into immediately. Some do. Others even end up spending a good amount of time on your website, according to your analytics. Yet, they don’t seem to

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How much is a blog post from a content marketing agency?

As far as content marketing goes, blogging is definitely a must. However, it goes beyond so much more than just putting your thoughts on paper and publishing it. If you want your blog posts to establish your brand authority, engage your audiences, and ultimately, drive more revenue, you have to do it right. This is

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How do you measure content marketing?

I always say, you cannot track what you don’t measure—especially when it comes to content marketing. Creating great content is just your first step in the whole content marketing process. After all your hard work to produce and promote your material, you want to know how well you did by measuring your efforts. Why? Because

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What are some email marketing call-to-action tips that can drastically improve the response rate?

When you create an email marketing campaign, you have to consider design, content, strategy, and most of all, your call-to-action. Call-to-actions are proven to drastically boost your email marketing campaign. It could also be the very thing you need to drive your audience to take a specific action. In short, it should compel users to

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What are the best tools to use for content marketing?

Let’s look at the numbers. According to recent studies, 88 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. If you clicked on this Quora question, you’re probably already part of that 88 percent—or are about to be. At this point, you’re likely looking into the best ways you can maximize

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What are ways to get maximum traffic using social media?

For a lot of small businesses who want to capture their audience’s attention and engage them, the best and most cost-efficient way to go about it is through social media. It’s popular for a couple of reasons. First, because almost everyone is part of some type of social media platform. According to a study conducted

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Can too many social media sites harm my website traffic?

I’d be the first to say that social media is awesome. It’s a great way to reach your audience. You can share, engage, and drive more people to your website. Best of all, they’re free. Why wouldn’t you maximize and make the most out of all these platforms? The simple answer: because the traffic that

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