What are some good lead nurturing strategies and proven tools?

Lead nurturing is a very important part of a marketer’s job. The process is simple–define a targeted process that will engage a specific audience by giving them relevant information at every stage of their customer journey. 

An effective lead nurturing process should usher them through your marketing funnel, to a point that they become paying and loyal customers. However, faced with the challenges of modern buying behaviour, it’s critical that you explore more strategic nurturing methods. 

So which lead nurturing tactics work best? Here are some that you can try:

1. Delivering targeted content

Targeted content for lead nurturing may seem like an obvious, no-brainer strategy. However, according to research, a significant chunk, 33%, of B2B marketers identified the targeted delivery of content as a big challenge. Needless to say, you need to carefully prepare in order to execute targeted content effectively. 

If you haven’t already done it, start by defining buyer personas for your audience. By understanding each of your unique buyer personas, you can then create targeted content that will nurture each anchored on interests, goals, and other marketing triggers most relevant to them. 

You should also have a marketing automation platform in place to help you identify, segment, and target each buyer persona.

2. Try multi-channel lead nurturing

Multi-channel lead nurturing refers to a combination of multiple platforms–social media, email marketing, paid retargeting, dynamic website content, combined with direct sales efforts. 

Aligning objectives and strategies with different departments is critical to ensuring that multi-channel lead nurturing works. Because there are so many tactics involved, you have to make sure to keep all relevant departments working cohesively for streamlined execution.

3. Engage through multiple touchpoints

Prospective customers go through multiple marketing touchpoints from the time they enter your funnel until you win them over. 

Through each stage of your customer journey, you should be able to provide something relevant and of value, on top of addressing any question or concern that may crop up. Consider adding blog posts, whitepapers, and interactive content to your traditional direct mail efforts.

4. Conduct timely follow-ups

According to Hubspot, “the odds of a lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes after an inbound lead converts on your website.” 

The key takeaway here is to follow up quickly. Automating your lead nurturing may help you reach out to a large group of prospects. Also, following this up with an email and a phone call is still the most effective way to actually convert prospects into qualified sales opportunities.

5. Make an effort to personalize your emails

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to nurture leads. To give your traditional methods a big boost, make sure to personalize your emails, as opposed to sending out generic email blasts. 

The processes discussed here may seem a little tedious. If so, try investing in marketing automation technologies to help you increase efficiencies and streamline your lead nurturing efforts. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at LeadsPanda.

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