What are some of the best ways to grow an ecommerce site?

It’s a great time for ecommerce businesses. According to statistics, 15.5% of retail sales globally will happen online by 2021. This implies that the rise of ecommerce today is a trend that will likely continue well into the next few years—and there’s a lot of opportunity for growth.

If you’re just starting out as an ecommerce business, the question now is—what is the best way to leverage on this growth and ride on this momentum? Here are some of the best ways to grow your ecommerce site and make it stand out:

1.Pay attention to mobile conversions

80% of Internet users today own a smartphone. To that end, the average American spends 3 hours and 23 minutes every day consuming media from their mobile devices. Given these facts, is your ecommerce site able to leverage on these trends?

One of the most common reasons of low mobile conversions is that a lot of ecommerce sites forget to optimize for mobile devices. Many business owners don’t consider the fact that consuming information from your website via a computer screen is a vastly different experience than on a 5-inch touch screen. When data has to be compressed into that tiny space, the format changes, your buttons get messed up, the flow of the entire page is off. It’s very likely that for these reasons alone, your users will simply bounce off.

Avoid this by ensuring your ecommerce site is optimized for the mobile experience. You will definitely reap the rewards.

2.Invest in content marketing

Research shows that visitors who find your site through organic means are more likely to convert, as opposed to visitors who discover your site via paid search advertising. This implies that a lot is riding on your ability to produce high quality, relevant, and strategic content.

It’s not enough that you’re writing great articles, make sure that you’re able to incorporate relevant keywords to boost your search engine page ranking.

3.Optimize for speed

Online visitors tend to be very impatient. They want content to be delivered in short, easy to read consumable pieces, from a website that is fast and efficient. To that end, you can do a lot of things to address your visitors need for instant gratification.

To start, your images should be website friendly as not to bog down your loading time or explore better hosting platforms.

4.Translate content to reach new audiences

The potential of ecommerce is hinged on its ability to break beyond the physical limitations of a brick-and-mortar business. This means there is a lot of opportunity to reach new audiences and expand your market base. Of course, this also means that you have to optimize for countries that you want to reach where English isn’t the first language.

Once you determine what specific markets you want to expand towards, perhaps try translating your site into the local language. Keep in mind—almost 75% of consumers are more inclined to convert if the description of a particular product or service is in their language. Take advantage of that.                                            

These are just some of the simplest and best ways you can give your ecommerce business a boost. Give them a try and see what kind of difference it will make on your ecommerce site. If you would like a little more help, get in touch with us at LeadsPanda.

If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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