What are your best practices tips for content strategy for bloggers that are new, creative, or unique?

If you stay in this business long enough it starts to feel like you’ve heard it all before—especially when it comes to building a strong content strategy.

In truth, even I find it difficult at times to be innovative with content marketing. Not because there’s a lack of ideas out there, but because there are tried and tested techniques that deliver the results we need time and time again. So, instead of completely reinventing the wheel, I make it a point instead to try to approach content marketing with fresh eyes and inject as much creativity as possible into my content every time. Even though it’s anchored in familiar techniques, I try to update my approach to be more relevant to my audience’s ever-evolving needs.

Here are some examples:

1. Shining a Light on Your Product’s Unique Features Through Exclusive Content

Creating context for your product or service is not new. Doing so establishes why your product is necessary and relevant. However, approaching it in such a way that it builds engagement can be a more exciting and effective way to highlight your brand’s exclusive features.

For example, instead of outright claiming a feature in a blog post, why not release it as an insider hack exclusive only to newsletter subscribers?

2. Take Customer Engagement to the Next Level with AI

Engaging with your customers across all your customer touchpoints is a must. As part of your content strategy, replying to emails, commenting on posts, liking comments, and starting conversations are integral to successful content marketing. For audiences that demand brands and businesses to attend to their needs at the speed of need, though, this can take a toll on even the most diligent online marketer.

This is where AI comes in. Chatbots are a go-to application that can easily be integrated into your social media so you can answer customer questions in real-time to immediately address their concerns. This can help significantly boost customer satisfaction and improve the customer journey.

3. Go All Out on Personalization

We all know that personalization goes a long way towards creating a positive customer experience. However, these days, simply sending an email that addresses your customers by their first name isn’t enough. This is why it’s so important to really get to know your audience.  The right tools can create an even more tailored experience—one that speaks more towards a customer’s individual purchasing preferences or buying history. This allows you to create real relevance with your audience and helps customers establish more trust and loyalty with your brand.

4. Do Well by Doing Good

While the concept of philanthropy isn’t necessarily new, the fact that brands today are more open to showcasing causes that are important to them and tying them into the way they do business is. Now more than ever, businesses that stand for something are getting more positive attention. Indeed, one study found that CSR (corporate social responsibility) accounts for 40 percent of a company’s reputation.

csr funstions are responsible for 40 percent of company's reputation

Image Source

Incorporating your philanthropic efforts into your content strategy is a great idea. Tying in promotions to a beneficiary that’s important to you or related to your brand, for example, is a great way to highlight your philanthropic efforts.

There you have it. Hope my answer helps! As always, if you have any ideas you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below or email me at Leadspanda.

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