We’ve all been on the receiving end of a bad pitch. The presenter is pushy and needy and it is all about them and not about you at all. We’ve all walked away feeling like we have wasted our time listening to a presentation that we care nothing about and we feel has nothing to do with us.

The problem, most likely, wasn’t with the product. In fact, it could have been a great product we could have loved using. The problem was in the presentation. The marketer gave you a sales pitch. It was straight business the whole time. Perhaps, if they would have shown you that their product was valuable to you, you would be one of their happy customers.

Of course this isn’t true in all cases, but most of the time if you can provide a value instead of just giving a pitch, you are going to win your presentation with very interested future customers.

How Do You Provide Value?

Providing value to your product is easy, as long as you know your product inside and out. Dictionary.com defines value as the importance, worth or usefulness of something. In almost every marketer’s presentation, there is a section of things that differentiate your product from its competition. It’s common to just run through these and let them speak for themselves. Sure, they provide value on their own, but you have to make it more personal if you really want to close your deal.

One way to communicate value in a product is to think about your most common objections. What are the reason potential customers just aren’t committing? Take those objections and turn them into positives. Your job is to make these people think your product will add so much value to their lives that they NEED this.

A good example of this is Apple’s iPad. The iPad is undoubtedly a good business tool, but many feel it is an unnecessary expense if they already have an iPhone. Sure, they are similar and offer a lot of the same features, but you have to find what they would see as valuable. Did you know you can run a whole presentation onto a projector off an iPad? Or wouldn’t it be great to have a place to take notes while you are on lengthy conference calls on your phone? What you are doing there is providing a value instead of a pitch.

Money Doesn’t Talk Here

Absolutely the number one objection every marketer hears is that someone likes your product but can’t afford it. Do you know what that means? It means they don’t see the value. They are hearing the pitch. Take money out of the equation.

Value in this sense of the word is not about how much something costs. You shouldn’t let that determine if someone wants to buy your product or not.

This is the time to really know and understand your product and your target market. A good marketer knows that not all products are best suited for everyone. You need to find your target market and create relationships so that people understand your company and trust you. Once someone feels they can trust you, they are more likely to take your word when you are discussing the value your product can bring them.

Wrapping Up

When your client is fully on board with the value your product brings, there is no hard sell or hard close. They know they need it and are ready to sign right away. Providing the value is the secret sauce to marketing success.

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