You know how busy the B2B marketing world can be. Between meetings, presentations, employee management, and client interactions, your work days are full. So how do you keep up with all of the tasks that demand your attention? As demands change and your business world progresses, so to do the ways we stay in touch and stay informed.

When you are a B2B marketer on-the-go, these 4 apps are available to help keep you organized and connected to teammates, customers, and the social media world:

  • Asana: Stay connected with your team when you use this app for iOS, Android, and the web. Instead of taking the time to write up an email, make a list of tasks for you or someone else, organize them into shared projects, and keep track of the conversations for those tasks. No more going across multiple emails to try to connect the task with the conversation! Asana also offers the feature of commenting directly on a specific job, adding images and files, and instant communication with teammates.
  • GoToMeeting: Don’t always have the time to sit down for a face-to-face visit? Start or join a meeting from anywhere with this on-the-go virtual boardroom. Send an invitation to anyone through your mobile device; they simply click to reserve a spot in the meeting. No time to watch a live presentation? Record and view it later when the time is right for you. Jump into a meeting, class, webinar, or watch a presentation from a fellow teammate with this app for iOS, Google play, and Windows.
  • DropBox: B2B marketers with a busy schedule will appreciate the way this app connects a desktop computer to a mobile device. When you just do not have the time to sit at your desk, use this app to access documents, photos, videos, and share data with team members in an instant. Created specifically for the busy company employee, DropBox for Business allows you to experience productivity in a whole new way. Currently available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Dragon Dictation: No one has time to spend all day composing emails, update their company’s social media pages, or write out every new marketing idea that comes to mind. For busy B2B marketers, this app takes your spoken thoughts and turns them into a text message, a Facebook status update, or an email. Have a thought but no time to jot it down? Dictate a note to yourself and access it later. Send reminders as SMS or paste into an application and set your great ideas into motion.

Are you connected?

We live in a mobile world, but that does not mean we have to sacrifice meaningful connections. As technology changes, B2B marketers need to stay up-to-date and informed on what is happening in the business world and with their own company. Whether it’s a presentation outline you want to develop at a later time, a quick note to a colleague, or sending an email to a customer, these four apps have the ability to get the job done conveniently and efficiently.

The website Usablenet recently shared that 52% of B2B customers use a smartphone to research products for their businesses, and up to 10% of B2B web traffic is directed from mobile devices (February 2014). As you aim to be the leader in your business, now is the time to make mobile connections. Technology is ever-changing, and we are only as connected as we allow ourselves to be.

When it comes to B2B companies and the mobile world, Forbes presents these points for consideration:

  • Consider your presence on apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and be sure your profiles are complete and thorough.
  • Buyers have moved past looking for information only on laptops, and your company’s presence in the mobile world “must evolve with it”.
  • B2Bs should not focus wholly on using the web to inform customers, and must take the leap to being mobile savvy.

The4 apps described above that B2B marketers can use to improve productivity are not the only good ones out there. Has your B2B company made the leap into the mobile world yet? What apps do you use that have proved helpful in your own B2B marketing methods?