4 Ways You Can Generate New Blog Post Ideas

The importance of blogs for ecommerce businesses often gets overlooked in this age of social media marketing. However, blogs are a  proven way to drive traffic to your website. They also help raise your rankings on search engines. They build your credibility in the industry; and can provide relevant content to customers that ultimately, builds better customer relationships.

Given the significance of blogs in the modern business landscape, it’s important that you keep your content updated and fresh. That requires fresh ideas to ensure that you are providing useful, relevant and interesting  content to your users. Here’s a guide on how you can do just that:

1. Provide useful posts to establish your expertise in your industry

The goal of a useful blog post is simply to provide content that your audience will find useful and valuable.

  • List posts are the most common and typically the simplest to create. Listicles, as they popularly called, are an easy to read collection of useful information or tools, books, tips, or resources.
  • How-to posts is another blog post favorite used to illustrate processes via text, images, video and even video.
  • Case studies are more in-depth versions of your standard blog post. They’re usually longer, and go into the nitty gritty details of a particular topic, using actual anecdotes and scenarios as examples.

2. Be conscious of trending news and timely, relevant events

Writing blog posts regularly is one thing, publishing timely, trending content for public consumption is another. Not all industries can seamlessly latch on the latest news to leverage on the influx of traffic. But if you dedicate the time and effort towards this endeavor, you will certainly reap the rewards of higher traffic.

  • Start by regularly reviewing news and posts related to your product or service are newsworthy additions to your blog.
  • Another idea would be to use commentary posts, which are based on a high-traffic news items that you can use as a jump off point to offer your own opinion about the subject and a call to action that relates back to your business.
  • A straightforward news post is based on breaking stories that serves to inform your readers about the latest on a particular topic.

3. Don’t forget to go for seasonal posts

Some blogs go silent during holidays—when they do, they’re basically missing out on an opportunity to gain the extra traffic driven by special occasions.

  • Promotional posts highlight products or services that you can relate to certain occasions to drive up sales.
  • Holiday posts, even the simple ones that simply deliver a well-meant greeting to users are also ideal.
  • If possible, create specific content for topics depending on the seasons.

4. Be your own fan

Once in awhile, a post that focuses on your own product or service can help showcase your latest products or service.

  • A product tips post can put the spotlight on a specific product and provide useful information.
  • Product announcements are a great way to introduce new services or stocks.
  • Promotional posts for exclusive sales that highlight the product or promotion mechanics can inform your audience of exclusive discounts and sales.

In summary, great blog posts will serve to engage your readers and demonstrate your business’ expertise and credibility in the industry. Variety is of course essential. So it’s important you diversify your content while at the same time, ensuring that you provide interesting and relevant posts that readers can look forward to.

Craft your content so that it will resonate with your audience. This will help build trust among your users, which will translate to better business.

For more ideas on how you can create content that converts, give us a call today.

If you have more tips on how to create different content for blogs, be sure to leave a comment in the message below.

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About the Author: Jessica Simmons

Jessica manages content at LeadsPanda. When she is not improving content, Jessica enjoys spending time with family, friends and hiking with her dogs.

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