For those who need a link building strategy that will hold up over time, turn your attention to guest posting. A guest post can withstand the various algorithm changes that Google implements through the years and has remained an effective way to boost your search visibility and online credibility. 

But many businesses interested in guest posting wonder how to find sites to send their posts to.

Here are our top five tips: 

1. Make a comprehensive list of websites that are willing to accept guest posts

Depending on your niche, you will need to find websites that fit your industry. This is one of the most time-consuming processes of guest posting, so it’s helpful to do your research ahead of time. As you build your list, be sure to note the URL, their guest posting rules and guidelines, and addresses for their editorial submissions so you can quickly reference everything you need. 

LeadsPanda Tip:

How do you find these sites? The simplest way is to run a quick Google search. Take a keyword or phrase specific to your business or industry and try combining it with the following key phrases: 

Keyword + “guest post”

Keyword + “guest blog”

Keyword + “guest post opportunities”

Keyword + “guest column”

Keyword + “suggest a post”

Keyword + “submit an article”

Keyword + “contributor guidelines”

Keyword + “accepting guest posts”

Keyword + “guest posting guidelines”

So let’s say your business is focused on fashion, specifically jewelry and accessories. You can simply go to Google and try any of your keywords or phrases with the samples provided above.  

sample search

2. Take a look at your social media profiles

When you reach out to the sites where you want to contribute a guest post, there’s no guarantee they will agree to have you write for them. No matter how great you think your pitch went, in a lot of cases, they will first do their due diligence and learn more about you to see if you’re a good fit. 

Most site editors will look for your social media profiles and use these as key decision-making factors on whether they will accept your pitch. 

LeadsPanda Tip:

A lot of prominent businesses do this to weed out SEO agencies with empty and barely active social media profiles. To that end, make sure that your own posts are relevant, high quality, and consistent. Meeting these basic qualifications boosts your chances of finding good sites to guest post on.  

3. Review previous guest posters’ bylines

Once you have your list of potential guest posting sites, take a look at their previously published guest post authors. 

Guest posts typically serve as a way to tell more people about the posters’ own sites. Once they’ve been approved to write an article for a specific site, they will naturally use this opportunity to mention their brand and add a link to their site. Be sure to check it out.  

If they contribute guest posts, chances are, they also accept them. 

Image Source

 LeadsPanda Tip:

Don’t come in cold. Once you find an author you’re interested in, interact with their post first. Leave a comment on their post or share it with your own followers. From here, you have a great opening to introduce yourself and say that you appreciate their work. It’s a great way to establish better rapport and increase your chances of getting published on their site. 

4. Don’t ignore forum communities

Your primary list of guest posting opportunities likely includes a lot of related websites. However, forum communities, whether exclusive to your niche or more generic ones, are also a good place where you’re likely to encounter and engage with bloggers and fellow marketers who are interested in the same subject matter and might be looking for guest posters. 

LeadsPanda Tip

Don’t simply create an account on a forum with the intent of scouring pages for guest posting opportunities. This might bring a negative reputation for your brand or business on the forum. Instead, answer questions, get involved in the conversations, post your own answers, and encourage the free exchange of ideas and insight.

If the platform and its most active members notice that you’re a valuable addition to the conversation, they sometimes start offering you guest posting opportunities and you won’t even have to look for them. 

5. Take a look at your personal connections

Last, but definitely not least, don’t neglect your personal connections. These are a natural starting point when you’re looking to find guest posting opportunities. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you’ve probably amassed a fairly decent list of industry connections and sites that are related to what you do. It’s as simple as sending them an email, a text message, a direct message, a tweet, a phone call—whatever it takes to get their attention. 

Be polite and avoid being too pushy. The last thing you want to do is burn that bridge by being too aggressive. On that note, don’t idle around either. Be direct, purposeful, and professional. Remember that most website owners will likely need content. Since you already have an established connection with them, it’s much easier for them to recognize your credibility, and easier for you to make your pitch. 

LeadsPanda Tip:

Tailor your pitch to each site you’re pitching to. Don’t settle for sending out a generic message in the hope of getting noticed by the site editors. It might seem tedious, but crafting a personalized pitch that talks about the site’s specific features and adjusting your article angles to fit into the site’s primary focus will reap a healthy ROI. 

There you have it. Give these five tips a try and you’ll significantly grow your guest posting options in no time. 

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