5 Tips to Create the Perfect Thank You Page

When you create a successful landing page and it actually gets visitors to sign up, does it mean that you’ve already taken full advantage of this conversion?

Not necessarily.

There’s another critical step that, if done well, can help you engage audiences further and even usher them through the different sections of your website—your thank you page.

What is a thank you page?

A thank you page is literally a page that thanks your website visitors after they have completed a goal on your site. This can be a sign-up, or a submission, completing a purchase or opting in for exclusive content.

Thank you pages are often relegated as an afterthought. After all, you’ve already managed to get them to do what you want. But from here, you have the opportunity to show more products or services, maybe even make a sale, or encourage them to follow the brand on social media.

How? Read on for our top tips to create the perfect thank you page:

1. Start by actually thanking them

The entire purpose of a thank you page is to acknowledge and show your gratitude for completing a sign-up or a purchase—this should be as clear as possible.

This step assures your visitors that they’ve completed the steps necessary and that they can now expect to receive whatever it is they’ve signed up for.

2. Make sure you actually follow through

Whatever it was that prompted your visitors to complete their sign up, be sure that you actually follow through on it.

You also have to let them know exactly what their next steps should be and what they can expect from you. Should they click on a link and expect an email after? Should they download an ebook after accessing a specific site?

State it clearly.

3. Remind them of the value of your offer

Your thank you page can help you underscore why signing up and engaging further with your brand is beneficial for them.

Remind them of the value of your original offer, and if you have more to give, put the spotlight on it. Reminding them of the advantages they get, curbs possible second thoughts or buyer’s remorse that they may experience.

4. Lead them to other resources or articles

Use your thank you page to direct users to more content that can be of value to them. This can include a link to more content or FAQs about your product or service.

5. Add social sharing buttons

It’s very simple to set up social sharing buttons on your thank you page. This makes it very easy for visitors to tell friends about your offer. Be sure to set your social sharing buttons to share your site’s original landing page and not the thank you page itself.

Paying more attention to your thank you page and implementing these simple tips can help boost the effectiveness of your thank you page, regardless of what industry you’re in.

Whether you’re hoping to gain more insight into your customers, let your visitors complete a sale, or simply spread the word about your product or service, remember that you can use your thank you page to actually reach your business objectives.

Do you have a thank you page tip you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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About the Author: Jessica Simmons

Jessica manages content at LeadsPanda. When she is not improving content, Jessica enjoys spending time with family, friends and hiking with her dogs.

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