8 Content Marketing Tips from eCommerce Experts

Take it from the experts—

When it comes to differentiating yourself from competitors in eCommerce, one of the best ways to do it is through content.

Content lends itself to SEO, helps build customer loyalty, engages your users, pushes new customers to convert and ultimately, increases conversions.

It’s not as simple as it sounds though. You will need to follow a strategy and look into fine tuning certain areas on your site. For more detailed ideas, you can browse through more in-depth discussion here. But if you read on below, you’ll find some of the most useful tips that eCommerce experts have shared through the years—

TIP #1

When creating content, have an ideal buyer in mind. You should be on a first name basis with your persona and create content that appeals to and helps them.

John Dukes, Ecommerce Inbound Marketing Specialist

TIP #2

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Tom Fishburne of Marketoonist

TIP #3

Remember and apply the most important tenet of content marketing: answer the questions your prospects and customers ask. When buyers of any kind begin their journey, they fire-up Google, ask a question, and will find an answer. As a marketer, the question becomes: will it be your answer they discover?

Barry Feldman, Founder, Feldman Creative

TIP #4

In your content strategy, you need to consider the visitor who doesn’t buy just as much as (if not more than!) the visitor who does buy. You need to figure out the content that will get them to purchase the first time and then create it.

Alex Whitney, Customer Success Manager

TIP #5

If you’re creating content with errors, you’re undermining the value and credibility of your content. It needs to have the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation to be taken seriously. While this sounds like a basic best practice, it needs to be said!

Greg Wise, Ecommerce Inbound Marketing Specialist

TIP #6

It’s better to have a much smaller audience that is targeted than a larger one that doesn’t convert.

Neil Patel, Quicksprout

TIP #7

So think about your audience before your start, but know that you will only know so much. Then listen. LISTEN. And your audience will tell you what works and what they crave more of.

Jerod Morris, Copyblogger

TIP #8

Do not shy away from asking for feedback. Don’t be afraid of your customers! You want to know when your content isn’t meeting the mark, right? If you do something as simple as add a “let us know what you think” call to action on your content, or even come right out and ask on social “hey, what’d you think of this piece?” you might get some invaluable feedback.

Nicole Kohler of WebpageFX


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