8 Places To Find Your Next Great Hire

Recruitment has always been a daunting task for any company that is looking to expand their workforce. A good employee is hard to find, that’s why it’s important to know where you can search for the best ones.

Job boards are usually where companies turn to for finding qualified candidates, but these days, there are so many other great channels that are thriving with potential hires.

Here are some platforms you can turn to for your next recruitment cycle:

1. Your Company Website

Your website is not just a place to talk about the mission and vision of your company or a place to highlight your products and services. It’s also a good channel to attract new talent.

Add a career page where you can post your current vacancies in the company. If possible, allow your potential hires to apply directly on your website.

2. Within Your Company

Sometimes, the next great candidate is just sitting right under your nose. There could be current employees who would be interested in applying for an open position within the company.

It’s also cheaper and easier to hire a person internally because then, they can just be promoted or transferred to a new department.

3. Employee Referral Program

You can tap your current employees to new hires for you. They can refer their former colleagues, professional acquaintances, friends, etc. in exchange for an incentive. You can also incentivize them with a bonus of some kind or a cash award for every prospect hired.

Your current employees know what it takes to do the job. They have a vested interest in bringing in people who will make the workload lighter, not heavier.

4. Social Media, Blogs and Forums

The online world has plenty of potential candidates waiting to be tapped. You can find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular social networking sites. Usually, social media channels will have some information on the person’s job and expertise, so you’ll also find it easier to see if they can fit your vacancy.

Blogs and forums have people who are enthusiastically commenting and giving advice on specific topics. If you need a game developer, you may probably  find your next hire in a gaming forum.

5. Local and Professional Organizations

There are associations and organizations related to every type of field out there. Looking for an architect? Check out local chapters in your area and participate in their events and meetings to find a potential employee with the skillset needed to perform a certain level of the job.

6. Your Competitor’s Employees

It may be a bit sneaky to try to “steal” your competitor’s employees, but one of the ways to find top talent is by identifying competitor companies, and other companies within the industry.

After identifying the targeted companies, you can look for the top candidates with similar titles and roles, and reach out to them on LinkedIn or by phone. This strategy is great because the candidate already has industry knowledge and experience, but since they’re passive candidates, the process usually takes a lot of time and deliberate effort.

7. Internship Programs

You can find fresh talent from  your company’s internship program. By having a paid intern program, you can find some of the brightest and most talented seniors or grad students from colleges and universities. These young minds are thrown right into the mix on client assignments and get the type of experience a full time employee would.

This allows you to test the waters a bit and find out which of the interns are power players, so when they graduate, you can pluck them the minute they walk out of university..

8. Industry-specific Job Boards

Companies should utilize job boards or sites that are specific to their industry.  You would be more likely to be talking with qualified candidates than generic job sites.

You can save time by showing your job ad to a specific group – those who are actually from the industry you are looking to hire into.

There are plenty of places to find great talent these days. Be smart and strategic in your approach and your recruitment will be more efficient and optimized.

Do you have specific channels you use to find great candidates? Share them in the comment section below.

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About the Author: Jessica Simmons

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