This question often comes up because marketers worry about duplicate content and how that will affect your SEO efforts. The answer to your question is no; if you take the time to optimize your landing pages for your core audience while taking the following points into account, your SEO will not suffer.

1. Consider the Objectives of Your Landing Page

Landing pages shouldn’t follow a one size fits all formula. Campaign-based landing pages have very different objectives from an evergreen landing page and will, therefore, require very different SEO techniques. In fact, the latter can actually significantly boost your SEO as it will be up for an indefinite period of time.

2. Be Careful About Indexing Your Landing Page

Landing pages that are designed for limited-time campaigns should definitely have a no-index attribute added into its meta tag in the header code. Why? Because indexing a page with no SEO strategy behind it can seriously mess up your tracking and will, therefore, skew your metrics. More importantly, this is one of the primary reasons why landing pages tend to compete with the search ranking of your actual website. If you index a temporary landing page, you’re essentially creating and leading more traffic towards your landing page that’s not even supposed to be seen by your general audience.

3. Watch Out for Duplicated Content on Indexed Pages

Google consistently updates its algorithms to make sure that websites deliver the best possible and most relevant content. However, if you’re just duplicating content across all your indexed pages, your website and your landing page will suffer. So, be sure to double-check for duplicate content and avoid republishing similar materials on indexed pages.

4. Always, ALWAYS, Write for Human Readers

Yes, SEO is important, this is why 62% of marketers invest in SEO. However, writing with just search engines in mind will mean that you’re neglecting your real, human audience. Your page will probably not be truly useful and relevant for your target readers. Yes, it’ll be more visible, but once your audience realizes your page is simply trying to rank on search engines, they’ll bounce off your page and end up bringing down your ranking anyway.

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SEO rules and Google algorithms are constantly changing and digital marketing is ever-evolving to keep up with the needs of users. So, staying up to date by getting additional training definitely helps. Even something as simple as reading up on the latest digital marketing trends can help you maintain relevance and improve your techniques.

Hope my answer helps! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Just reach out to me via Leadspanda and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.