Generating website traffic is a very important part of running a business. Driving people to your site means you have more opportunity to create leads. These leads can turn into conversions and sales. And more sales means consistent business growth.

But what if you have little to no budget for marketing? Can you still drive people to your website? 

The truth is, effectively marketing your website is not so much about how much money you’re willing to spend, but how strategic you approach it. Of course, it doesn’t make your task of creating buzz for your business easier, but it’s also not impossible.

Here are some things you can implement that are easy on the pockets—

1. Lay the foundation of the traffic you want to build 

People visit a website because it offers something relevant to them. To that end, your content becomes the best way for you to communicate the kind of value your business has to offer.

To build content that your audience will care about and engage with, you have to get to know them. Going beyond basic demographics, find out what their interests are. This will help you narrow down what topics, or more specifically keywords, they are searching for.

From here, you can leverage on free tools available online. For example, Google Keyword Planner allows you to reach your desired audience by helping you find the right keywords to optimize your website for search engines. You can also try checking your SEO score using Woorank’s SEO and Website Analysis tool. This provides more insight into how to move forward with your SEO strategy.

2. Leverage on social media 

Social media platforms are great at linking you to people with shared interests and goals, making it easier to drive them to your website. If they’re already interested in a particular topic, item, or service then it would be easier to convince them to click on a link leading to your website.

Of course, before you go all out on social media, make sure that your website is ready to receive the influx of traffic that your site might receive.

3. Deliver amazing content consistently

Quality content is the cornerstone of any website—and that’s where blogs come in. Blogs are largely responsible for raising your website’s ranking on search engines. They can help define you as a credible resource and expert in your field. On top of that, you’re also creating an opportunity to convince and convert your leads. 

Here’s the best thing about blogs, if you have the time to research, write, publish, and optimize it yourself, it’s a free and effective way to drive people to your website. However, consistency is key. You can’t just post sporadically and expect great results. You have to publish regularly and ensure the quality is maintained to build a loyal following.

Bottom line?

Access to premium tools, a dedicated advertising budget, and spending for paid traffic are all financial investments that give your website a big boost. On the other hand, if you don’t have the resources to invest in these marketing tactics, try the above tips.

Plus, if you find that you have too much on your plate and can’t find the time to develop content regularly, get in touch with us to see how we can help.