How does one continuously write unique, engaging content for businesses that most people have no interest in

Writing great, engaging, and quality content is a common challenge for most businesses. It’s even a bigger challenge if your business happens to be a particular niche.

Of course, writing great articles is a choice. If you choose to put in the time to research the subject, to get to know your audience, develop a distinct voice, you will be able to create unique, engaging content. This includes businesses that many people have no interest in.

Here are a few tips and guidelines to consider:

1. Pay attention to your headlines

The quality and flow of your article is important. However, even before your target audience gets to that, you will have to capture their attention. The best way you can do that is with a great headline.

According to Upworthy co-founder Peter Koechley, traffic can actually increase by as much as 500% simply because of the headline.

2. Involve your audience

Speak directly to your audience. Instead of addressing your readers in a generic manner, try to connect with them by writing in a more personal tone. Ask questions that you feel they might relate to. Find something about your business that you think will be applicable to them. Quite simply, make your article feel like a dialogue instead of a lecture.

3. Keep it short

Lengthy posts do little in terms of engaging readers, especially if your topic is technical or complicated in nature. Sure, readers want informative, well-researched posts. Additionally, they want it in bite-sized, consumable, easy to read pieces. Remember, statistically, only 28% of a 500 word piece is actually read on any webpage.

4. Do your research

This doesn’t just refer to your blog post’s subject matter. Research should involve your overall content strategy. For instance, in terms of topics, are you sure that you’re actually writing about things that matter to your readers? To that end, how well do you know your audience? They will be critical to your focus topics, your keyword usage, and even the timing of your posts.

5. Add visual elements

Publishing posts that are purely text in an age of multimedia won’t do anything to capture and engage audiences. This is especially important for businesses that tackle complicated topics. A wall of text will make it seem like your post is boring. Try adding photos, infographics, videos, or gifs. These can help underscore points you’re trying to make in your article while also creating visual points in your post that will make it more interesting.

6. End by giving them answers

Remember that the ultimate purpose of your post is to give your readers something of value—information and the opportunity to answer any questions that they may have. To that end, make sure that your post is actually able to do this for them.

Given that no two businesses are alike, there’s really no cut-and-dried way to do this. Fortunately, the above tips should get you started and help you drum up more interest in your blog. If you need help, get in touch us. You can also leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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