Content is king—it has always been, and quite frankly, I think it always will be.

Consumers, especially in an age where media is readily available with a click of a button in the palm of everyone’s hands, will always want new things to read, hear, see, and experience. They want material that can catch their attention, pique their interest, and encourage them to engage.

To that end, marketers are all too eager to give consumers what they want. While that’s great for consumers, it’s also so much easier said than done. Even the most experienced industry players fall short when it comes to producing content that effectively engages their audience.

So, to answer your question here are three great examples of content marketing that I love. Check it out and see if gets your own creative juices flowing.

1. Rip Curl

Rip Curl is a brand that always tries to put the spotlight on their vision of being the “ultimate surfing company.” Outside of the quality of their products, the brand puts strong focus on their vision by creating a branded content platform—The Search.

The platform has since grown to be recognized for an online repository of all things related to surfing—from lifestyle, photography, stories, and anecdotes. More importantly, the content developed on this site is offered by surfers, for surfers.

Rip Curl proves that aligning content with audience interests can ensure growth and engagement from users. Today, The Search has over a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers with an impressive 2 million followers on Facebook—creating a lucrative platform where they can promote and highlight their own brand.

2. GE

Another notable brand becomes a great example of B2B content marketing.

Let’s start with the fact that GE is generally known as an appliance brand—straightforward and almost dull. What most don’t know is that GE is actually quite innovative, with ventures in wind turbines and even jet engines.

Being a legacy brand, it’s hard to keep themselves separate from their roots. However, they also have to highlight the innovative steps they’ve taken in recent years. To achieve that, they used Instagram.

Their campaign #GEInstawalk engaged Instagram influencers and fans of the brand to tour GE manufacturing facilities and capture a side of the business that not everyone sees. It drew 8 million views on their Instagram account, with an impressive reach of 3 million, while gaining 3,000 new subscribers.

3. Hootsuite

If you’re a marketer, you’re probably familiar with the platform Hootsuite, which allows you to effectively manage your social media accounts. It’s essentially a scheduling tool—which isn’t really all that exciting when you think about it. However, with a little creativity, they managed to make their platform more relatable and interesting.

How? By leveraging on the popularity of the HBO megahit, Game of Thrones.

The team essentially wanted to pay tribute to the show and bring it back to their brand. They did it via a video called “Game of Social Thrones.”

The iconic title sequence of the show was remade using social media platforms instead of the kingdoms and ends with Hootsuite connecting all the disparate channels. It’s simple, clever, and relevant.  

Bottom line…

Always remember that your content should always think about your audience first and foremost.  Don’t be afraid to flex your creativity. Hopefully the examples above inspire you to think outside the box and tell your own content story.

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