You created a great website, consistently update your blog, and now you’re starting to reap the rewards of your efforts—you’re turning the casual visitor into actual leads. Your goal now is to turn those leads into actual opportunities by nurturing them, so they convert.

This is where lead nurturing comes in—specifically thru email. Taking care of your leads via email has proven to be one of the most effective ways to stay connected to potential customers. It can help you stay top of mind and build trust until they are ready to actually sign up or make a purchase.

In my years in this industry, I’ve come across a lot of email nurturing campaigns. Here are a few that stand out:

1. Casper

According to a report, 61% of customers are likely to read a review or testimonial about a product or service before actually purchasing. Casper, a brand that sells bedroom furniture knows this and created a cart abandonment email that is clever yet to the point. It essentially serves to remind the recipient that they left something in their cart, and they may want to come back to it. 

They also added an enticing testimonial from a customer to remind the recipient of what they’re missing out on by not completing their purchase.

2. Sephora

I’m adding beauty retailer Sephora here for their great use of video to highlight their products. Because Sephora sells makeup, they need to leverage on visual methods to communicate and explain the benefits of their product. 

To nurture potential leads, they send an email containing perks and freebies to engage and entice their audience. In addition, they supplement this with an informative tutorial that adds a lot of value to their email. So, not only are they able to demonstrate how to use their products, they’re able to do so in a unique and interesting way.

3. Uncommon Goods

It’s important for retailers to showcase their products within context. It helps visitors actually imagine how it will be useful for their own lives and why they actually need it. Uncommon Goods knows this. They manage to combine a visually appealing aesthetic for individual products, with a call-to-action (CTA) for each to highlight a curated set of items in their lead nurturing email.

4. JetBlue

I personally think that as an airline, JetBlue has some of the most creative and clever marketing materials. Beyond that, they also manage to highlight their commitment to their customers by engaging and nurturing them via email. 

For this campaign, JetBlue’s goal is to convert customers into True Blue members–which means they need to get them to sign up for their loyalty/rewards program. With this email, they manage to catch the readers eye with clever copywriting, highlight what customers will get, and explain in a straightforward manner what they have to do.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb’s goal is simple — to inspire wanderlust and a sense of adventure in their customers. Once that is achieved, the recipient will very likely log on their website and use their service. 

Their lead nurturing email clearly communicates this. It has a very simple, straight to the point CTA. It showcases a tailored and curated collection of travel destinations that the recipient may be interested in and speaks to the reader in a very personalized way. 

These 5 examples never fail to inspire me to craft a personalized and unique email nurturing campaign for my own customers. Take your cue from these brands and see how you can apply it to your own. Of course, if you need a little help with that, contact us. We’d be happy to see what we can do to give your company a boost.