Who doesn’t love a free offer?

This is why lead magnets work so well. By offering something valuable in exchange for your prospect’s contact information, you effectively engage your audience’s interest so you can make your pitch and start off on the right foot with potential customers.

HubSpot’s top 10 lead magnets

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Of course, it almost goes without saying that lead magnets have to maintain a certain level of quality to deliver the results you need. So, always take note of the following:

1. Always Give a Compelling Value Proposition

The number of leads your lead magnet can drive hinges on what your offer is—whether it’s relevant and how valuable it is. According to statistics, by simply giving your potential subscribers a good idea of what kind of content they’re getting, opt-in rates can increase by almost 85%.

Make sure you understand what your prospects actually want so you can offer something that they’ll find compelling and then let them know what they’re getting upfront.

2. Make Sure It Delivers Immediate Gratification

Attention spans on the internet are short. As much as you want to explain in full detail what your offer is, your prospects would really just prefer if you got to the point of it all. To that end, it’s not enough that you’re delivering results, you have to be able to deliver results fast. If you’re offering something that’s valuable to your prospects, you win more points by ensuring they don’t have to jump through hoops to get it.

3. Choose the Right Format for Your Audience

What format will your prospects respond to best? Lead magnets come in numerous shapes and forms. From case studies to templates, exclusive content to webinars. How well you know your audience and understand your business’s resources will determine what kind of format will work best. For example, by auditing your existing content, you can get a clearer idea of what content format garnered the most engagement from your core audience. The ones with the highest number of shares or likes could prove to be a great lead magnet. If you have a solid social media following, maybe asking them directly what their preferred content format is could point you in the right direction.

4. Harp on Exclusivity

You want to give your prospects access to content that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This makes it significantly more enticing for them to click on your lead magnet. Make the effort to create exclusive content for your lead magnets that isn’t readily available on your website or on your social media feeds.

By giving them something unique, you’ll likely see a lot more prospects click on your lead magnet and exchange their contact information for your offer.

Keep these points in mind as you try to craft your perfect lead magnet. Always remember, your lead magnet should speak directly to your target audience and reflect the kind of value your business delivers.

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