What are the top digital marketing tools?

We all know that digital marketing trends shift and evolve over the years. It only makes sense that the tools we use that allow us to run our campaigns seamlessly should also keep up.

As we approach the year’s halfway mark, here’s a roundup of the tools that have so far proven to be exceptionally helpful for my business this year. I expect they’ll continue to be useful into the following year.

1. BuzzSumo

I often include BuzzSumo on lists such as this given how useful it has been for me. It helps me generate content ideas founded on real insight and statistics, so I know what types of content get better engagement from my audience. It also allows me to find out what competitors in the same space are doing so I can remain relevant and competitive in my niche.

2. Google Analytics

Anyone in content marketing knows the value of measuring and tracking results and Google Analytics is the best way to do that. The platform may seem difficult to understand at first, but familiarizing yourself with its different features will allow you to track key metrics that can help you improve your strategies and even get to know your audience

get to know your customers

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3. Canva

What would content marketing be without well made, high-quality graphics to help drive your point across? Canva allows me to create images to accompany my blog and social media posts including CTA buttons and infographics, with no graphic design experience required. The platform features a multitude of templates, stock images, fonts, and clipart to easily customize my images.

4. Buffer

As more and more social media platforms gain prominence in the digital marketing field, the need for a seamless and easy to use social media management tool becomes even more evident. Buffer helps me to quickly post and schedule posts across multiple platforms. Not only that, it also helps me gather incredible data and insights on my posts in a streamlined way. This allows me to determine ROI, track engagement, and make better decisions for my social media strategy.

5. Chatfuel

This is a fairly new addition to my content marketing toolbox and it’s proven to be very effective for reaching and engaging new audiences. Chatfuel can be integrated with Facebook Messenger and is installed for free on your official Facebook account. It has a simple interface with straightforward instructions that simplify the flow of a chat. This is a great addition for content marketers as it helps you readily answer inquiries and attend to customer concerns, especially in an age where everyone demands instant customer service.

There you have it. Some of these are tools that are constants in my content marketing toolbox, with features that continue to evolve year after year. Others are totally new additions designed to offer better services and address changing customer demands. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via Leadspanda and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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