What should I do to increase the conversion rate on my landing page?

Did you know that companies who increase the number of their landing pages from 10 to 15 see over 50% growth in leads?

This isn’t just a statistic. In my years in content marketing, I have personally noticed just how effective a perfectly optimized landing page can be for businesses.

Now, the process of optimizing a landing page involves a lot of trial and error. This is mostly because no two businesses are exactly alike. As such, what might be effective for one might not be for another. This is why I always advise content marketers to test, gather data, and learn from it so they can continue optimizing their landing pages for conversion.

Nevertheless, there are some benchmarks that you can follow. If you start with these, I believe it will greatly improve the performance of your landing pages:

1. Always Start By Identifying Your Campaign Goals

Establishing goals gives your landing pages real focus. Remember, landing pages have to be clear and straightforward. If they lack focus because you have multiple offers, this will only confuse your audience and it’s very unlikely they’ll convert.

 A landing page should present a single offer. The best way you can do that is by being very clear about what goals you are working towards.

2. Align Your Goals With Clear And Straightforward Headlines

You only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Use that time wisely. Make sure your headline is perfectly aligned with your goals and write a catchy, engaging, and most of all, brief headline.

3. Find A Good Balance Between Written And Visual Content

You want your audience’s attention to flow seamlessly across your landing page. Keep your copy brief and balance your written content with images that help drive your point across. A relevant photo or a short video clip can help hold their attention longer—then, explain your offer and compel them to take action with your call to action (CTA).

4. Follow CTA Best Practices

CTAs are the most important element on your landing page. Your landing page’s entire goal is to get people to click that button. To make sure they do, make your CTA button eye-catching. Your audience should know exactly where to click. Next, make sure they know what they’re clicking for. Your CTA copy should readily explain what they’re getting. I advise against using generic phrases that are vague and unclear. Be direct, encourage urgency, and if possible, spell out what they’re getting.

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5. Keep Your Form Fields Short

After clicking the CTA, your audience will come to a form where they can input their contact details. As tempting as it is to start gathering all the possible information you can get, exercise restraint. Ask only for essential details that will allow you to keep in touch with them and continue to nurture them as leads. I normally only get their name and email address. Anything more tends to put off potential leads and they end up bouncing off the page.

Hope my answer helps!

Feel free to reach out to me via Leadspanda if you have any questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Prafull is the Founder of LeadsPanda and author of the One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint. He shares tips to 2x your content marketing results on LeadsPanda blog.

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