Time-Tested 10-Step Framework To Recruit Top Candidates For Any Business

All experienced employers will always be in agreement with the idea that hiring the right person to perform the right job is necessary in achieving corporate success. The struggle always lies in making sure that no hire goes unwasted, and that every employee is consistently meeting expectations that are set for them. It is very important that companies do not succumb to poor recruitment processes and hiring techniques to ensure that they will always fill their open positions with the best possible people.

This article seeks to highlight the important facets of a topnotch recruitment program that is designed to help your company recruit quality talent. Here are the 10 essential tips for hiring top recruits:

#1. Craft Clear and Detailed Job Descriptions

Advertising a job description that is detailed and unambiguous will help weed out any unwanted applicants right from the get-go. The best job descriptions should clearly highlight the roles and responsibilities a position carries. Along with the roles and responsibilities, they should also depict necessary skills, personality attributes, work experience, educational attainment, and other such details that the company deems important. A good job description can serve as a solid foundation for an effective recruitment process.

#2. Establish Your Ideal Employee Profile

The best benchmark any company can set for potential recruits are the top employees that are already working there. For example, take a good look at your IT Department. Analyze the character profiles and traits of the top performers of that department in order to determine what kind of traits you are looking for in your potential recruits. Use your top-performing employees as rubrics for selecting talent to add to the team.

#3. Targeted Job Advertisement

While it is important to reach out to as massive a talent pool as possible, it would be more efficient and cost-effective to advertise to a targeted demographic. There are numerous tools available outside of traditional job boards that allow companies to streamline their candidate outreach . Niche job-boards and publications for example, can be crucial in reaching out to your targeted audience.

#4. Make Use of Telephone Interviews

Keeping in line with the principles of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the recruitment process, it is wise for companies to develop a solid list of questions that can be asked during preliminary phone interviews. These questions should be crafted in such a way that allows recruiters to distinguish whether a candidate is qualified for the position or not.

#5. Review Resumes Thoroughly

Going through resumes can be such a hassle for recruitment teams, but it is absolutely necessary that resumes be given thorough review and analysis. A resume can tell recruiters a substantial bulk of what they need to know about a candidate. Good candidates always put extra effort into crafting a well-structured and detailed resume. Experienced recruiters will always be able to spot bad candidates when they go through bad resumes.

#6. Make Use of Tests or Other Assessment Tools

While having a candidate who has a good resume and who does well in phone interviews is a good sign, these are not sufficient. It would be wise to develop an examination or assessment tool to fully gauge their abilities and skills as potential employees. This step is particularly important for technical positions like engineers, technicians, software developers, etc. These tests however, don’t necessarily have to be limited to technical measurements. Recruiters can also make use of tests that gauge personality traits and work ethic.

#7. Conduct Face-to-Face Interviews

At this point, a recruitment team should already have a fairly decent idea of the candidates that they are dealing with, but this is not enough. Face-to-face interviews are a way of directly engaging with potential recruits. These interviews should be conducted fairly among all candidates. A standard set of around 10-12 questions per interview should suffice.

#8. Choose the Best Candidate

If there is one (or in some lucky cases, numerous) candidate that stands out throughout the entire recruitment process, and you confidently feel can make a positive impact on your company, then that’s a sign that your recruitment process is nearing its end.

#9. Perform Background Checks on your Candidate

This process is purely for security purposes; also, positive findings as a result of this background check will only further strengthen your resolve in hiring your chosen candidate/s. It’s always best to keep it safe and make sure there are no red flags that you need to take note of before you make your offer.

#10. Make the Offer

When the background checks yield positive results, it’s time to make your offer. Make sure that you offer fair compensation and employee benefits. Quality talent doesn’t come cheap, and a low-ball offer could potentially lose you a quality recruit.

While the recruitment process can seem like an overwhelmingly meticulous ordeal, it is absolutely necessary for companies to invest ample time and resources in making sure that they have a solid recruitment program in place. Talent builds companies. Work ethic is what separates the good from the great. A good recruitment program ensures that your company only acquires skilled employees who are talented and will work hard to deliver quality results.

What do you think? Are there any tips you believe we may have missed? Have you tried some of these tips already in your hiring processes? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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