6 Red Flags that Recruiters Should Look Out For

Vigilance. Caution. Meticulousness. A recruiter’s job should always be focused on bringing in the best available talent to benefit the company. Every recruiter should be wary of any subtle red flags that are causes for concern. Remember that while great talent has the potential to greatly improve your company, bad candidates also have the potential to cause substantial harm.

Always make sure that you’re only considering quality talent for your company by looking out for these 6 red flags:

#1. A Candidate Who Doesn’t Know Your Products/Services Well

Red flag #1 should practically be a no-brainer. When a prospective recruit is applying for your company with no research/knowledge about your company and your products and services, that’s a big and bright red flag. What this red flag tells you is that a candidate doesn’t care enough to put time and effort into researching or knowing more about your product/services. If they are looking to work with your company, then they should already know what the company is in the business of producing/providing. For example, if you’re hiring reporter for a news publication, and the candidate hasn’t even read the articles published on your news outlet, then it is highly unlikely that that candidate understands what he is getting into.

#2. A Candidate Who Boasts of Having Multiple Job Offers

It’s as simple as this: When candidates unsolicitedly offer information about having other job opportunities waiting in line for them, then that is a sign that they aren’t going to be very committed to a position in your company. However, it is important to note that it is okay for them to answer honestly about other job offers when you ask them about it. Be vigilant. Take note of their language and their tone when doing so. When they seem overly confident and eager about having other job offers, it means they’re more enthusiastic about other companies than they are about you.

#3. A Candidate With Poor Body Language

This is a very basic and subtle red flag that many recruiters may tend not to look into, but it is very important nonetheless. Great hires will always exude confidence, energy, and spunk. When you have a candidate who is slouching with shoulders bent in and head constantly facing downward, then that is a big red flag that you shouldn’t be ignoring. You always want recruits who have good body awareness, who exude confidence, and who always bring about positive vibes to the workplace. Candidates who show poor body language during the interview stages, will most likely not be a good fit for the company moving forward.

#4. A Candidate Who Isn’t Paying Attention

A common misconception about face-to-face interviews is that they are one-sided. They aren’t. Interviews can serve as a feeling-out process between both parties, the company and the candidate. It shouldn’t solely be about the candidate doing all the talking trying to sell themselves.

An interview should also serve as an avenue for the candidate to find out more about the position he is applying for and the roles and responsibilities he is willing to assume once hired. When a candidate shows a blatant disinterest in learning more about the company or the position he is vying for, then that is a red flag right there.

#5. A Candidate Who Isn’t Sure About The Role They’re Applying For

Just to clear things up, it’s perfectly normal for candidates to have questions about the position that they’re applying for in your company. In fact, questions should be encouraged! But as a recruiter, you should be vigilant and take note of their phrasing when asking these questions.

You don’t want a candidate who is completely oblivious and ignorant about what they can offer to your company and how they can fit. A good candidate understands his skillset and will always be able to figure out how he can fit into the company. They will always have a fair understanding of how they can contribute to the organization. So when a candidate seems unsure about what position they are applying for, then it’s fair to cut things loose early on in the process.

#6. A Candidate Who Operates on Only “I” and Only “We”

Again, phrasing and language choice is very important when determining the capabilities of a candidate. This is another very subtle red flag that you should be looking out for when talking to prospective recruits. A candidate who exclusively uses the word “I” is a sign that he/she is someone who veers away from cooperation and teamwork. A candidate like that would almost always prefer to work alone and separate from the group. On the other hand, a candidate who only uses the word “we” when describing previous projects or achievements might be one who is too dependent on others when accomplishing tasks.

While some of these red flags are very subtle and rare occurrences, it’s very important to be on the lookout for them nonetheless. Recruitment is a very detail-oriented game, and to play it right, you can’t take any chances. You always want the best for your company, and being thorough with your recruitment process is essential to finding success.

What do you think of these red flags? Have you encountered candidates in the past who have exhibited these red flags? Share with us your experiences by commenting down below! Did you enjoy this article? Get more articles like this by exploring the HireRabbit blog.

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